Garbage Talking Grizzlies Trigger Michael Jordan Epic


With hungry basketball fans losing their heads due to the much anticipated release of ESPN documentary Michael Jordan this week, this seems like the right time to revisit a great moment of His Airness it happened in Vancouver.

Since they only lasted six seasons before moving to Memphis in 2001, the Vancouver Grizzlies do not have a massive legacy outside the Lower Mainland. But there’s a story of the Grizzlies’s inaugural season that we’re still talking about today, even outside of Canada.

The year was 1995. After a surprising start to the 2-0 season, the Grizzlies had lost 12 straight games, with Jordan and the mighty Bulls making their very first trip to Vancouver.

But despite the mismatch, the Grizzlies were in a good position to defeat one of the greatest teams – and the greatest player – of all time.

Vancouver had a small lead (64-62) after three quarters. They also started the fourth strong quarter, increasing by eight points with 8:42 left after Darrick Martin hit a three point to increase the Grizz’s lead.

It was then that Martin decided to run his mouth.

“So Darrick decides because there are about 10 minutes left to play and we win,” recalls former Grizzlies forward Antonio Harvey, “he decides to tell Michael Jordan, who has a party” Hey Mike! Damn don’t fall tonight, Mike! You have an evening, Mike! »»

Martin, a 24-year-old playmaker in his second NBA season at the time, knew a bit about basketball legend when he played summer ball against him when Jordan was in Los Angeles filming Space jam.

“I told you we were going to yell at you tonight,” said Martin.

Big mistake.

“Little man, I told you about telling me about trash,” warned Jordan when he returned to court.

Jordan came off the bench to teach Martin and the Grizzlies a lesson, scoring 19 of his 29 points in the final nine minutes of the fourth quarter. It only took about four minutes for the Bulls to tie the game before backing up for a 94-88 victory.

After hitting his last jump to seal the game at the end of the fourth quarter, Jordan looked for Martin on the bench, saying to the young Grizzlies player, “Shut up, little bitch. “

“I pushed the bear that night, and he really showed me what greatness meant. So it was a learning lesson for me, “said Martin years later.

In retrospect, the Grizzlies have almost completed one of the biggest upheavals in NBA history.

The Bulls had the second best regular season in the NBA that year, 72-10, and would win each of the next three championships. The Chicago win at Vancouver was their second in a 13-game winning streak.

In contrast, the Grizzlies have lost 19 games in a row, ending the 15-67 season, which is the 11th worst 82-game season in NBA history.

After the game, Harvey said there was almost a locker room fight involving Byron Scott, who was guarding Jordan all night.

“Look, never talk to the guy I look after,” Scott told Martin, according to Harvey.
“You talk to your guy. “

But above all, the lesson was clear: never talk to Michael Jordan about trash.


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