Gangsters, killers, and rapists demand release from coronavirus


Thousands of local, state and federal inmates are pushing out of bars, calling prisons and prisons “petri dishes” for the coronavirus.

Everyone, killers, drug traffickers and gang members, gangsters, defrauders and rapists accused, are trying to get out of the clique.

They are assisted by defense lawyers who are pursuing their release, usually citing underlying health conditions that put them at risk of catching the deadly disease in overcrowded conditions.

Sing Sing State Prison Inmate Died, At Least Eight Federal Prisoners In Various Facilities Have Been Victimized By US Attorney General William Barr To Urge Authorities To Increase Isolation .

R. Kelly turns to go out during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court building in Chicago.
R. Kelly asked to be released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic. AP

Defense lawyers argue that the coronavirus could be a death sentence for inmates like Rosie Baker, 81, who has kidney disease and diabetes and has been imprisoned for almost 23 years. Baker and son Vance were convicted in the rental murder of her lover, Dr. Daniel Hodge, in June 1997, as the mother and son’s $ 2 million Medicaid fraud scheme collapsed. Brooklyn.

Ramzidden Trowell, 42, an HIV-positive asthmatic who is being held on Rikers Island, is also charged with murder because he fatally stabbed a strap in the Bronx which opened a subway door for him.

A judge approved the offer of 75-year-old businessman Morris Zukerman to serve his tax evasion sentence at home. Zukerman, convicted of avoiding $ 45 million in taxes over 15 years, was sentenced in 2017 to almost six years in prison.

Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the release of 1,100 parole offenders last week, while the city left 300 inmates out of Rikers and placed them in hotels. Lawyers are calling for the release of at least 530 other federal institutions, and public defenders are seeking to remove about 400 more. While city district attorneys have consented to the release of certain detainees – 272 in Manhattan; about 200 in Brooklyn; 80 in Queens and 63 in the Bronx – prosecutors do not give a helping hand to every prisoner who asks for incarceration or outright release.

Here is a sample of prisoners asking for leniency in the face of the pandemic:

Dean skelos

Dean skelos
Dean skelosErik Thomas

72-year-old former state majority leader is serving a four-year federal sentence in northern Otisville for public bribery for using his powerful office to secure non-public jobs visible to his son. Prosecutors protested his request for release, noting that he has nowhere safe to go since he lives in New York, the epicenter of the pandemic.

Monzer Al-Kassar

Monzer Al Kassar
Monzer Al KassarAP

Formerly known as “the proud peacock”, the flamboyant Syrian arms dealer earned his money by selling weapons and military equipment to terrorists, fueling existing fighting like Iraq, Iran, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America and elsewhere. He was finally caught in 2007 and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Now, after 13 years inside, the 74-year-old wants release for compassion, claiming that he suffers from spinal stenosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments. It should not be released before 2033.

Frantz Petion

Frantz Petion
Frantz PetionEllis Kaplan

An EMT who allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl in her bedroom in 2018, Petion, 26, is being held on Rikers Island on $ 400,000 bond. Since the asthmatic man’s release request was denied by a state judge on Tuesday, his lawyer has requested a re-examination, stating in court documents that Pétion had been accommodated with at least two infected detainees.

Jonathan Deutsch

Jonathan Deutsch
Jonathan Deutsch

Behind bars, Brooklyn college teacher accused of searching Facebook for vulnerable children, including one as young as 10, then solicited them for sexually explicit photos and videos, says pandemic puts him in danger danger. Deutsch, 36, is pre-diabetic and has repeatedly asked for the release of his parents in Florida while awaiting trial. But prosecutors say new evidence shows that Deutsch has hidden the extent of his alleged behavior, and argue that the elderly couple cannot adequately monitor him.

Juan Angel Napout

Juan Angel Napout
Juan Angel NapoutR. Umar Abbasi

The Paraguayan FIFA official was sentenced to nine years in prison on charges of federal racketeering in 2018 as part of a major international football corruption scandal. The 61-year-old man, who has served more than two years, has been “a model prisoner”, say his lawyers, and “is now very afraid of dying in prison without seeing his family again.” He seeks to be confined to the home for six months while the virus is raging, before serving the remainder of his sentence at the federal dungeon in Miami, where he taught courses in Spanish, history and geography at d other detainees.

Michael “Baldy Mike” Spinelli

In 1992, the reputed gangster of the Lucchese family was the driver of the escape for a failed assassination attempt against a Brooklyn mother of three in her driveway. The botched move was supposed to be a message to the woman’s brother – Lucchian soldier Peter “Fat Pete” Chiodo, a government witness. Sentenced in 1998, Spinelli was sentenced to almost 25 years. The 66-year-old gangster is not supposed to go out before 2029, but his lawyers insist that he is now a yoga teacher with “calm and positive influence over those around him” and should be allowed to finish his barely at home rather than in the Metropolitan Correctional Center infected with a coronavirus.


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