Gal Gadot teaches Hebrew and spreads love for Israel in ’73 questions ‘


Famous Wonder Woman and Israeli actress Gal Gadot sat down with Vogue to answer her famous questionnaire “73 questions”, during which she shared her love for her homeland Israel. Although the video was uploaded on Thursday, it was filmed well before the coronavirus pandemic set in. Regular interview host Joe Sabia greeted Gadot with the traditional Israeli kiss on the cheek and a “Shalom”. Gadot returns to her native country, she said: “As often as possible, but not enough”. In response, Sabia asked her what she missed most about Israel, to which she replied, “My family, my friends. To bring him a piece of home, Sabia gave Gadot a handful of Israeli candy, including what appears to be Pesek Zman. and Milky.Sabia then asked Gadot what he should do once he got to visit Israel. “You should go to Tel Aviv and go to a restaurant on the beach,” replied Gadot. “There are so many and they are so great. Gadot described Israeli culture as “a big crucible.” “With people from so many different places and different cultures and flavors,” added Gadot. The Israeli superstar then raved “Shakshouka on a Saturday morning,” an Israeli breakfast dish known worldwide as “eggs in purgatory”. ” It is delicious! ” she said. “Garlic and egg tomatoes and feta cheese … it’s delicious. “ Shortly after, Gadot agreed to teach Hebrew to Sabia, sticking to common slang such as ” sababa“(Which means” cool “) and”yalla“(Which means” let’s go “in Arabic and Hebrew). When asked for a tongue twister, Gadot shared the children’s common phrase, “Sarah sings a happy song, a happy song Sarah sings” or, in Hebrew, “Sarah shara shir sameach, shir sameach Sarah shara“Sabia tried to say the sentence, but couldn’t get the first word out. When asked for a book she currently enjoys, Gadot didn’t think twice before recommending All rivers by Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan, recently translated into English, Gadot also shared how she met and started dating her husband, Ron. The two met at a desert party in Israel and had their first date at a bar in Tel Aviv. “He told me on our second date that he was going to offer in two years, and he did,” she said. She also recommended that people keep their eyes on Alma Har’el as a rising star artist. Har’el is a videographer and director known for his documentary Bombay Beach, who received the first prize from the Tribeca Film Festival in 2011. When the interview ended, Sabia asked Gadot how to say he was heartbroken to end the interview, and she asked him. so learned to say ” shavur-lev. ” “I am shavur-lev right now because this is the last question, “he replied. The last question, in fact, was how to pronounce the actress’s name. Gadot rang it twice, “just for clarity”. The release of Gadot’s next film, Wonder Woman 1984, was postponed until August due to the coronavirus epidemic.


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