Fury as chief medical officer of Scotland flouts his own government’s lockdown rule against coronaviruses by visiting his second home – The Sun


HERE, the chief medical officer of Scotland defies advice from his own government during the virus lockdown – after traveling to his second home.

Dr. Catherine Calderwood, 51, tweeted a photo of her family applauding the NHS outside her Edinburgh pavilion on Thursday.

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    Scottish chief doctor challenges lockout6
Scottish chief doctor challenges lockout
    Dr. Catherine Calderwood defied advice from her own government6
Dr. Catherine Calderwood defied advice from her own governmentCredits: Getty Images – Getty

But on Saturday, she was photographed a 70 km walk with her husband and children near their coastal retreat in upscale Earlsferry, Fife.

One local lashed out: “It’s a double standard. “

Sturgeon and Dr. Calderwood respond to criticism for lack of Covid-19 tests

This comes a few days after SNP bosses asked for powers to prevent owners of second homes from traveling to rural areas.

Dr. Catherine Calderwood, 51, was spotted strolling on a golf course with her husband and children after flouting the lockdown boards on their way to her coastal property this weekend.

The best doctor, who has become a key figure in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, was spotted in Earlsferry, Fife – an hour and ten minutes by car from his home in Edinburgh.

A source this evening accused the doctor – who took the Hippocratic oath to protect patients – of “dangerous double standards.”

    She was photographed with her husband and children near their coastal retirement6
She was photographed with her husband and children near their coastal retirement


They added, “Either we are locked out or not? I am almost sure the advice from the government is to stay at home and not to travel to second homes.

“But Catherine Calderwood doesn’t follow advice. She and her family could potentially bring the virus back to the region. “

Wearing a turquoise jacket, Dr. Calderwood looked like she had no care in the world as she walked with her family and dogs near her breech hole on Saturday.

But residents of the peaceful coastal town flew over the seemingly useless trip, which came after a week of work in Edinburgh where she spoke in daily press briefings on the pandemic alongside Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Residents accused her of ignoring advice from her own government that people with secondary properties should stay at home to protect rural communities during the epidemic.

But Catherine Calderwood does not follow the advice. She and her family could potentially bring the virus back to the region.

The source said that Dr. Calderwood was one of many other high-profile thieves in Edinburgh who owned secondary properties in the area and put residents at risk.

A spectator told the Scottish Sun on Sunday: “They were walking with the dogs. It’s strange.

“I thought she lived in Edinburgh and we were supposed to stay home – but this place is miles away. “

Thursday, Dr. Calderwood shared a photo of her family outside of her capital, participating in the national Clap for Carers event.

The image was released as millions ventured out the door to applaud our NHS heroes and social workers.

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The photo was taken in the driveway of his upscale West End home – which is said to cost around £ 1.5 million.

Under the hashtag “applaud at the NHS”, the bigwig of health said to its 24,000 subscribers: “My family applauding my NHS and my healthcare colleagues – and me! Thank you all. “

The following day, the Cambridge and Glasgow graduate attended an official Scottish government press conference where she gave crucial public health advice alongside Ms. Sturgeon.

But today, the angry mom of three after being seen walking her dogs with her husband and children across the golf course and heading to the beach in scenic Earlsferry, where she has a comfortable bungalow.

    Dr. Calderwood shared a photo of his family outside his capital6
Dr. Calderwood shared a photo of his family outside his capital

Dr. Calderwood has given regular press conferences on the Covid-19 pandemic at St Andrew’s House in Edinburgh, where she has repeatedly urged the public to stay home.

The government building is just 4 km from its Edinburgh platform. But his second home in Earlsferry is 70 kilometers from the capital.

This weekend’s trip comes just days after Nat chiefs called for emergency powers to prevent homeowners from secluding themselves in rural areas, including the Highlands.

MP Ian Blackford said legislation should be used to protect areas with less sanitation from visitors trying to flee the coronavirus.

He spoke after a number of communities reacted angrily as tourists blocked the rest areas and flooded the camping areas.

SNP chief Westford Blackford said: “With Easter almost around the corner, everyone should be reminded of the emergency powers that limit non-essential travel.

“This means that no tourist should come to the Highlands and the islands.

“If someone has a second home or a vacation home, they should not use the Highlands to isolate themselves and powers exist and must be used to end it.”

Similar warnings have also been issued in England and Wales.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he did not consider traveling to their vacation homes to be an essential trip during the crisis.

His plea followed the fear that rural health services would be overwhelmed by those who leave the cities and end up suffering from Covid-19.

    Catherine Calderwood with Nicola Sturgeon6
Catherine Calderwood with Nicola SturgeonCredit: Getty – Pool

Mr. Hancock said: “We have said that people should not make unnecessary trips, not unnecessary trips and I do not consider that traveling to your holiday home is a necessary trip. “

Today, it has been revealed that another 46 people have died from coronaviruses in Scotland, bringing the total number of deaths to 218.

The UK-wide total increased by 708 to 4,313.

The latest deaths including a child as young as five – the youngest British victim to date.

The Scottish government has said that 3,345 people are now positive for the virus, an increase of 344 from Friday.

A total of 20,798 patients have been tested across the country.

We explained that people are now only allowed to leave their homes if they have a “reasonable excuse.”

We have said that people should not make unnecessary trips, not unnecessary trips and I do not consider traveling to your vacation home to be a necessary trip.

Matt Hancock

This includes work that cannot be done at home, shopping for food and medical supplies, and an hour of daily exercise.

In the six days since the introduction of the new legislation, police were forced to issue 144 fixed penalty notices to people who chose to ignore these measures.

Belfast-born Dr Calderwood begged Scots to stay home to protect the NHS and ‘help save lives’ – including on TV and radio commercials and daily pandemic news briefings with Mrs Sturgeon .

The chief of health is a consultant obstetrician and a trained gynecologist.

She is also a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and an honorary member of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

When asked to explain the official view on the trip to a second home tonight, a Scottish government spokesperson said: “We strongly advise against traveling to a second home.

“He runs the risk of putting pressure on services in more isolated and quieter areas, from the food supply to health care.”

The Scottish Sun then asked on Sunday why the medical officer was ignoring official advice.

A SNP government spokesperson replied: “Since the start of this epidemic, the CMO has been working seven days a week to prepare Scotland’s response.

“She took the opportunity this weekend to visit a family home in Fife because she knows that she will not return until the end of the crisis.

“She stayed one night before returning to Edinburgh. On her advice, she stayed in her own family group and observed social distancing from anyone she passed in the village. “

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