Furious Piers Morgan disgusted as Susanna Reid defends Victoria Beckham “pampered prima donna”


Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid opposed Victoria Beckham at today’s Good Morning Britain.

Outraged Piers has castigated the former Spice Girl’s decision to remove 30 employees from her “failed vanity project” fashion company.

Piers was furious that the wife of millionaire footballer David Beckham was using the government’s bailout, although their family was worth more than £ 340 million.

However, Susanna surprisingly defended Posh, claiming that she “saved jobs” and blamed the government for not clarifying the guidelines.

Furious Piers turned on its GMB co-host as they engaged in a heated confrontation against “pampered prima donna millionaires”.

Piers and Susanna were engaged in a heated debate on the Beckhams

David and Victoria Beckham featured Elton John in a video clip before his performance

Opening the debate, Piers said: “How pleasant it was this weekend, with all the disinterested acts, to hear Victoria Beckham put 30 employees of her failed company in touch.

“Lost money year after year. Bailed out by her famous wealthy husband David Beckham.

In response to a Grazia video from Victoria featuring Elton John for #TogetherAtHome, Piers asked when the next video of the Beckhams drinking expensive wine or bragging about their million-dollar house would be released.

Piers asked viewers if they were happy to pay for Victoria staff

When Piers started coughing, he said he had lost his voice by screaming when many people bothered him – the Beckhams in particular.

He said, “Sorry, this leave plan was not for prima donna millionaires like you. Run a vanity project like his money-making fashion business. “

Susanna asked what the alternative was and pointed out that Victoria would forgo her own wages and donate to food banks.

Susanna came to defend the Beckham brand

Seething Piers didn’t care

When asked if the government should have been clearer on who should use the program, Piers stressed that it was not their job to give people a moral compass.

As anger soared, Susanna wondered why Piers “went after” the Beckhams and not all the other millionaires.

Pointing out that it had been, Piers said, “You, the taxpayer, are currently funding a vanity vanity project for David and Victoria Veckham. Do you feel good about it? “

Susanna added, “I wonder if this is personal against Victoria Beckham rather than against a British company. “

GMB viewers side with Piers

Angry GMB viewers turned to Twitter to support Piers and saw Susanna’s views.

One viewer said, “Susanna’s nonsense just makes Piers beautiful. Susanna may be worse than Piers, who says something »

“Sorry Susanna, but I agree with @piersmorgan, it’s a complete joke that she is doing this. The nurseries have now been informed that they are not eligible for the leave scheme, so thousands of people will eventually close, “added another.

A third said: “Susanna is again deliberately obtuse. She is wearing a little thin. “

“Wow Susanna Reid defends the Beckhams,” said a fourth.

* Good Morning Britain aired on weekdays on ITV at 6 a.m.


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