FSG’s latest Liverpool nightmare is their third strike, and a fourth could cost them dearly


In a world where we are limited to only one exercise period per day and where these days merge into each other as the near-global foreclosure continues, there was no need to remember another aspect of Groundhog Day in our lives. But here we are, this time in the form of FSG.

The routine looks like this: the Liverpool property makes a controversial decision. Liverpool fans are making their negative feelings known, online and offline. The FSG responds, reversing this decision. The FSG are known to have listened, reacted and corrected the initial evil.

This happened with their proposal to increase tickets to £ 77 ($ 100) in 2016, prompting more than 10,000 supporters (believed to be closer to 15,000) to withdraw from the draw 2 -2 for the team against Sunderland. It was a moment that could have ruined what Jurgen Klopp was trying to achieve at Anfield in his first campaign, but FSG has publicly fallen.

Last year, more criticism, this time for the club’s attempts to protect the term Liverpool. While there is potentially more room for interpretation around this decision – CEO Peter Moore explained the “good faith” in which the request was made – it still caused dismay for several independent local merchants. , as well as fans from around the world. After the Intellectual Property Office rejected the copyright attempt, Moore said, “I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate our thanks to everyone who engaged with us throughout this process, including local merchants and local football clubs. ” Another recognition of a misstep, another 180 degree turn. Once again, Liverpool listened.

And now the last turnaround, this time in 48 hours. After announcing that the club would become the last Premier League club to place non-temporary staff on leave (which is much better defined than I can handle here), that is no longer the case. “We believe we came to the wrong conclusion last week to announce that we intended to apply for the coronavirus retention program and staff on leave due to the suspension of the Premier League football schedule, and we are very sorry, “said moore in a statement. , a letter, Monday.

And so comes the appreciation that FSG has, once again, dipped its toe in the bubbling vat of public perception, scalded its feet and turned around. But when does he become concerned that these miscalculations continue to be made and that FSG has become a master of the trade, fixing things quickly. A plumber should not be applauded for repairing a toilet he has blocked. To use baseball terminology, this is their third strike in four years.

They went out? Not enough. They shouldn’t be either. The FSG is still on credit, although this is largely due to its keen sense of strengthening the club on the field. There have undoubtedly been more missteps in the past four years in terms of off-field activity than on the field, but they have also managed to get far short of sports performance.

However, it should be noted that FSG has proven to be good owners. After the uncertainty of certain sections of the fan base in the middle of the last decade, they are now (generally) accepted as good for the football club. Even far from recent sports achievements, they have worked to engage with the community, launched a number of initiatives to help in this regard, and welcome dialogue with fans. Most importantly, if they make a mistake, they listen and rectify.

The big question now is, after three of these turnovers, why is the owner listening to the supporters after their decision-making, rather than before? They have set up a fan committee made up of fans from around the world, representing the diversity on which the club is proudly founded. These fans have a voice, but maybe it’s not happening at the right time and maybe should be listened to more.

Once bitten, twice shy. There is nothing to say for the third time. A fourth surely could not follow.

But FSG may have to use every bit of its prowess in the weeks, months and even years to come. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect everyone, these words from Moore resonate the loudest.

But in a spirit of transparency, we must also be clear, despite the fact that we were in good health before this crisis, our income has been closed and our expenses remain unchanged. And like almost all sectors of society, there is great uncertainty and concern about our present and our future.

Like any responsible employer concerned about its employees in the current situation, the club continues to prepare for a series of different scenarios, around the time when football can become operational again as before the pandemic. These scenarios range from best to worst and everything in between.

It is inevitable that many of these scenarios will involve a massive drop in income, with unprecedented operating losses as a result. The fact that these vital financial resources are so deeply affected would obviously affect our ability to function as we have done before. “

Every ounce of their business acumen and us will be needed to get through this crisis and make Liverpool one of the best in the world when football returns. Not only must they avoid another of these situations again, but they must also ensure that the club remains competitive. Finding a balance is difficult. It’s a tightrope that they still walk. Falling again in order to maintain balance could make their task even more difficult than it already is.


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