Front-line footage reveals horrors of battle for coronaviruses at NHS hospital


Royal Bournemouth Hospital images
(Photo: ITV News)

A British intensive care unit (ICU) treating patients with Covid-19 has opened to show what it looks like on the front lines.

Doctors were eager to show the public what was going on at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital to convince them to stay at home and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

On Monday, an ITV news team was invited to the hospital’s “red zone”.

Health correspondent Emily Morgan spoke to life care staff in critical care treating critically ill Covid-19 patients.

Linda New, patient of Covid-19, inside the hospital (Photo: ITV News)

At one point, Ella Gordula, director of the night shift, started to cry when she spoke of two patients who died of a coronavirus on Sunday without the presence of family or friends.

A total of six people were ventilated on Monday.

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Linda New was treated at the ICU of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital for Covid-19 and is now recovering from the illness on a ward.

She told ITV News, “I just wanted to pass it off to my children.

“Without this lot, I would not have done it. They were so, so good. “

Allan Hunt, 62, who is also recovering from a coronavirus in the hospital, added, “It’s so easy to catch, but you can’t get rid of it once you have it.

“And it affected both of my lungs, so I think they’re in repair, even though I’m out of breath doing anything. “

Two coronavirus patients died in hospital on Sunday (Photo: ITV News)

The number of people who died in the UK after contracting a coronavirus reached 5,373 after confirming 439 deaths.

The daily increase in deaths declined for the second consecutive day, after an increase of 621 deaths on Sunday and 708 on Saturday.

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