Fresno County, California now has more than 200 cases of coronavirus


Fresno County surpassed 200 cases of coronavirus on Saturday with the reporting of 10 new positive tests for COVID-19.

The distribution of the 201 cases in total includes 36 travel-related cases, 60 following close contact, 70 with community dissemination / unknown and 35 still under investigation.

Figures updated on the health department website also show that 49 of the 201 cases involve hospitalized patients at some point.

There have been five deaths in the county and 31 people have recovered (those who were cleared in the laboratory or cleared by methods not used in the laboratory).

On Friday, there were 18 new cases in the county, continuing the trend in recent days to double-digit daily increases.

New figures reported elsewhere in the central San Joaquin Valley, including 24 others in Tulare County, sent more than 500 cases to the region on Saturday.

Kings County reported its first death on Saturday, posting an early evening update to its usual morning investigation. There are a total of 10 cases. Merced County has reported five new cases and 64 in total.

Mariposa County has still had no positive results from its 75 tests, five of which are pending. Madera County also stayed at 32 cases.

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