Frenchman breaks quarantine to buy cigarettes and gets lost in the mountains


It should be “ashy”.

A Frenchman broke his forties in search of cheap cigarettes over the weekend – and ended up launching a major rescue operation when he got lost in a mountain range, authorities said.

The smoker attempted to enter Spain from his home in Perpignan, in the south of France, but was arrested by police at a checkpoint.

So he decided to walk through the mountains that separate the two countries instead, only to fall into a stream and then a few brambles, officials said.

Realizing that he was lost, the nicotine demon called emergency services, which sent a helicopter to look for him, wrote the police rescue service of the Pyrénées-Orientales on Facebook.

The “unhappy” smoker was found soon after, “exhausted, shivering with cold and lost,” said the rescuers.

After being hoisted to a safe place, the man was fined $ 145 for violating coronavirus locking rules in France. Her identity has not been revealed.

“Again, we remind you: STAY AT HOME,” said officials.


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