French “setting an example” on how to comply with the Covid-19 lock


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                Le ministre de l'Intérieur, Christophe Castaner, a félicité les Français pour avoir respecté les strictes restrictions de verrouillage des coronavirus, même si certains ont enfreint les règles de distanciation sociale lors d'un week-end de printemps ensoleillé.

Au milieu des spéculations croissantes selon lesquelles le temps ensoleillé du printemps relâchera la détermination des Français à respecter l'enfermement, Castaner a tenté lundi de remettre les pendules à l'heure.

“The 65 million French people generally respect internment,” he told French radio France Info.

While acknowledging that there had been cases of “silly behavior”, he insisted that the French were among the best in the world in terms of respecting local lock-in rules.

However, not all lead by example.

Spring temptation

About 480,000 people have been fined since the start of the segregation on March 17, and police have made more than 8 million checks to make sure the public is respecting the restrictions.

And the hot sun was too tempting for some, with media flooded last weekend with images of joggers and families on the streets enjoying the outdoors as if on a normal spring day.

“The risk is that we lower our guard,” admitted Castaner, urging the French not to be attracted by the good weather.

“Time does not count for us to decide to go out or not. What matters is the fight against the virus. “

Police chief engulfed by storm

Castaner also flew in defense of his police and military officers, insisting that they were not there to report and fine people but to protect them by ensuring that they respect isolation.

He was also invited to comment on the controversy surrounding his Parisian police chief Didier Lallement, who suggested last week that “people hospitalized or in intensive care are those who did not respect isolation when it started” .

Lall has since apologized.

Castaner said the case was “closed,” but he admitted that his leader’s words were inconsistent.

Although the daily death toll from Covid-19 in France has declined in the past two days, health officials have warned of complacency. To date, more than 8,000 people have died.



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