Freddie Mercury: Queen Singer Ignored Brian May’s Concerns About “We Can’t Do This” | Music | Entertainment


Freddie Mercury has made a name for himself as one of the most extravagant and fabulous singers in rock music during his incredible career with Queen. Along with Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon, he wrote some of the most praised songs of all time before his tragic death in 1991. But there was an idea that made guitarist May slightly nervous.

In her latest micro-concert on Instagram, Queen May star spoke to fans through the riff of their 1976 hit, Tie Your Mother Down.

The video showed him walking slowly on the epic riff, while in the caption he explained how he wrote the songs.

“A riff for beginners,” he writes. “I” discovered “this riff on a volcanic ridge in Tenerife as a student living in an observatory hut.

“I could hear the words in my head,” Tie Your Mother Down, “said May. “I remember when Freddie first heard the riff, he liked it. “


Bohemian Rhapsody singer died on November 24 of this year at the age of 45.

Elsewhere, May kept Queen fans engaged and entertained with her micro-concerts on Instagram while the coronavirus was locked.

The 72 year old rockstar is considered a vulnerable person due to his age and it is advisable to remain isolated for the entire 12 week period.

However, he uses music as an outlet to keep morale high and has urged others to do the same and stay home to save lives by helping to suppress the peak of the virus in the UK in order to relieve the pressure. . on the NHS.

In his new post, the guitarist wrote, “STAY SAFE THERE. ISOLATE.

“Protect yourself and the human population of Earth.

“It is extremely serious,” he said. “WASH YOUR HANDS – think carefully where the droplets containing the virus can hide.

“Spray everything that comes into your life with a disinfectant. Keep AT LEAST 6 feet from any humans you meet outside of the family you live with. “


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