Frank Ocean just released two new songs and fans are going crazy


If there was a time when fans needed new tracks from Frank Ocean, now is the majority of the population stuck inside their homes because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Not one to disappoint, Ocean has released not one but two new songs and fans are absolutely losing it.

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean | Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

New songs from Frank Ocean

The artists’ latest releases are “Dear April” and “Cayendo”. They may sound familiar to some fans as he previewed the two songs during an October appearance in New York.

Ocean teamed up with Daniel Aged for the two songs. “Cayendo” recalls Ocean’s Channel Orange days with his sincere ballads. Cayendo opens with Ocean Crooning in Spanish before switching to English.

“Dear April” continues the emotional journey of “Cayendo”. Genius describes the song as a “love ballad”.

“Dear April” is a moving love ballad from Frank, explaining to his significant other how their relationship will never be the same again. The track is accompanied by an instrumental organ and Frank’s voice enters and leaves the foreground of the track. “

Both songs are available on vinyl.

Fan reactions to new music

Fans were obviously delighted to wake up to new ocean music and immediately took to social media to express their feelings.

“Big plans for tonight are going to cry uncontrollably to Frank Ocean”, a person tweeted.

” Thank you #FrankOcean for releasing these vinyl records digitally, “another person said. “A gift for all of us this Friday. “

“So far, the only good thing going on in April is this news #FrankOcean” , A fan wrote.

“I feel like I’m dead, going to heaven and coming back after hearing the two songs,” said another. said.

And others have used Ocean’s actions as a way to call other artists.

“The quarantine allowed Frank Ocean to release sh * t ??? ” a person said. “Rihanna, you have no excuses now. “

For some, the songs changed their mood.

“I woke up not to one but to TWO #frankocean songs … today is going to be a great day, “said a fan tweeted.

When will Frank Ocean release a new album?

We don’t know if these new songs will be on Ocean’s third album. Fans have been waiting for a new Ocean project since Blond in 2016.

In an interview with W Magazine, Ocean shed light on what will be her next album.

“I have believed for a very long time that vulnerability is strong, and I really no longer believe in it,” he said. “Strength” and “vulnerability” are opposite words. So combining them seems wise, but I don’t know if it’s wise. It was just this realization that struck me: “Oh, yes, it is a choice if you will be honest or a liar.”

“The expectation for artists to be vulnerable and truthful is a lot, you know,” he said. “When it is no longer a choice. For example, in order for me to meet expectations, there must be an outpouring of my heart or my experiences in a very truthful and vulnerable way. I’m more interested in lies than that. Like, give me a complete cinematic fantasy. “


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