Frank Lampard says his legacy should not be affected if he fails as Chelsea boss


Frank Lampard insists that his legacy as a Chelsea player will not be tarnished if he does not reach the same heights as the club manager.

The boss of Chelsea Lampard is a Stamford Bridge legend, with his 211 goals which make him the top scorer of all time – a remarkable feat for a midfielder.

In his 13-year career with the Blues, he won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups and three League Cups, as well as the Champions League and the Europa League.

And in his first season as manager of Chelsea, he always kept his team in the top four in the Premier League – although football is currently suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic, it remains to be seen if his charges can guarantee a place in the Champions League for next season.

Lampard, who has also scored 29 goals in 106 appearances for England, says he wants to be a manager as good as he was a player.

Frank Lampard did not feel too inexperienced to take the job at Chelsea

But he says if he fails in the Chelsea seat, it shouldn’t affect his position as one of the club’s greats.

“My goal is simple: succeed as much as possible at Chelsea,” said Lampard in a new book, “The Boss – Chelsea managers from Ted Drake to Frank Lampard.”

“If I don’t, it shouldn’t affect what I’ve accomplished in 13 years as a player.

“But my intention is to succeed as a manager as I have succeeded as a player. “

Lampard celebrates with teammates after Chelsea triumph in the Champions League 2012

Lampard is featured in a new book, “The Boss – Chelsea managers from Ted Drake to Frank Lampard”

Lampard replaced Maurizio Sarri as boss of Chelsea in July of last year, after showing promise in his rookie season as manager by guiding Derby County to the championship playoff final last season.

Despite his lack of experience, Lampard said he did not think it was too early for him to take on the Chelsea role.

“You wouldn’t have dreamed that the job at Chelsea would be done after a year at Derby,” said the 41-year-old.

“Was it the right decision to take the job so early?” It was a question asked when I was appointed – if it was too early in my development as a manager.

Chelsea legend Lampard guided Derby County to last season’s championship playoff final

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“But I didn’t wonder if it was too early. I trusted my abilities.

“But I understand why that was the first question. I have had a wonderful playing career with Chelsea, but that has nothing to do with my new managerial role.

“It is a challenge that I was not afraid to take up and that I was not afraid to take up.”


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