Francesca, a Canadian too hot to handle, reveals how she and Harry are doing now


SPOILER WARNING: don’t read on unless you’ve watched Netflix Too hot to handle.

Fans of the new Netflix series Too hot to handle all ask the same question: Are Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey still going out?

The answer is yes, but Francesca revealed that they broke up after Too hot to handle stopped filming about a year ago.

The couple met while filming the Netflix series, which is a reality game show that teaches singles how to make real connections. If competitors engage in sexual contact during their Too hot to handle, the money price goes down. (Starting at $ 100,000.)

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Francesca, 26, said they are back together now.

“We broke up for a few months,” said the Canadian reality star to Glamor. “It was probably the best thing that could have happened because when we got back together we were stronger than ever. “

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“We just needed a few months to take stock. Now that we are back, everything has been amazing and couldn’t be happier with our relationship. I mean minus the fact that we are not in the same country right now. Other than that, it’s perfect. “

Harry, 22, told the store that the breakup was caused by “a few communication problems”.

“We just didn’t agree on a couple of things. Besides, I was in Australia and New Zealand at the time, “he said. “I was doing my life to prepare for the big move. So it was an extremely stressful time, and I think I have given up a lot of my stress and pressure on Francesca.

“When we broke up, we just didn’t know why. As soon as we saw each other again, we said to ourselves “Hey, why did we break up?” We must have had this conversation because we were trying to understand it. ”

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Francesca told Entertainment Tonight that she loves Harry “It’s so crazy to think about it, because the circumstances we’ve encountered are like no other. “

“I think we’re going to be connected for life,” said Francesca, a native of British Columbia, at the store. “It’s hard to be away from him because he’s in Los Angeles and I am in Vancouver. But once this quarantine is over, we will move in together and it will be incredible and magical. We are going to get married and have children!

“Just when I met him, I said to myself, ‘That’s it, you are all I need. “I think everything that happened [on the show] pushed us to get closer at the end, ”she continued. “There were a lot of mistakes on both sides, but all the crazy things we went through ended up making us even stronger together. “

Harry revealed that Francesca was looking to move to Los Angeles and that the couple wanted to put up a house.

“Francesca wants to move in or move out in L.A. And then we want to have a house so that we can have a few goats and chickens and four dogs, which is ideal. But I think once we live together for probably four days, I want to marry her. So this is the next step, “said Harry.

He also revealed that they had “a shared alliance record.”

“We were talking about getting married last night so I could cross the border to see it,” said Harry.

“We want to get married,” he continued. “Right now, we love each other a lot more. We went out with a few people in between, and I even said to the last girl I was dating, I was like, “Hey look, I’m still madly in love with my ex, and I’m really sorry but we can’t do that. “And here we are, better than ever!” “

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Too hot to handle now airs on Netflix.

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