France’s shocking lockdown sanctions: reporter tells Nigel Farage


April 7, 2020, 13:06

The LBC correspondent in France talks to Nigel Farage about their shocking lock-in sanctions.

Nigel explained that if Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the British could not leave their homes once a day to exercise, there would be a “mass insurgency”.

Yet a country just over 32 km away has been subjected to a much stricter lockdown than the United Kingdom.

LBC correspondent Peter Allen said fines are being imposed “all the time” and that there have even been prison terms.

“A lot of the police everywhere are asking for documents, who you are, where you come from, how long you’ve been away,” he said, “it’s extremely strict here right now. “

Peter said that to go out to France you have to download a document from the internal ministry, write down the exact time you leave home, put your name and address there, bring your passport with you and respect that time.

Sanctions in France start with a fine of 135 euros and, if they are taken again within a few days, they quickly increase to 300 or 400 euros.

There is a sentence of six months in prison if someone is caught off guard when there should be no more than four times.

“This is really extremely strict,” said Peter, sharing that around 65 million euros were fined, and reflected that in the weeks to come, you might end up being sentenced for wanting to sit in the park.


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