France to phase out lockout – PM


PARIS (Reuters) – France is likely to gradually lift its national lockout against coronaviruses rather than all at once, the Prime Minister said in parliament on Wednesday.

The French government has ordered people to remain confined to their homes, with the exception of the essential outings from March 17 to April 15 at least.

“It is likely that we are not moving towards general confinement all at once and for everyone,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told parliament by videoconference.

He did not say when the government could start easing or lifting the lock.

The government also reminded Parisians that trying to flee the city for vacations – like back to school next week – was not an essential trip and that controls would be tightened “with the utmost firmness.”

“Without valid reason, travelers will be fined for non-compliance with confinement rules and will not be allowed to continue their journey or take their train or plane,” said the prefecture of Paris in a statement published on its Twitter thread.

(Report by Elizabeth Pineau and Jean-Stephane Brosse; Writing by Geert De Clercq; Edition by Catherine Evans and Mark Potter)


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