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France, stay at home, wash your hands, ease restrictions, Paris

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe delivers a speech to present the French government’s plan to cancel the closure of the country’s coronavirus

The French government announced its intention to lift its national lockdown on May 11. French people would be required to wear protective masks on public transport and in schools from a certain age, the government has announced, as the BBC reports.

“The risk of a second wave, which would hit a weakened hospital fabric, which would impose” confinement “, which would ruin the efforts and sacrifices made during these eight weeks, is a serious risk,” said French Prime Minister Edouard. Philippe on Tuesday April 28.

The lockout will not be relaxed on May 11 if new cases do not stay below 3,000 a day, he added. France has registered around 2,162 new cases per day on average since mid-April.

Schools will reopen gradually, starting with kindergartens and primary schools, and students between the ages of 11 and 15 will be required to wear face masks. The French will also be able to go out again without a certificate confirming their intentions, and public gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed, reports the BBC.


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