France softens theatrical windows during coronavirus closures – Deadline


The National Film Center of France, the CNC, has taken steps to relax the notoriously strict policy of the country’s windows during the coronavirus pandemic. A reduction from the traditional four-month delay between theatrical release and DVD or TVOD was previously granted for all titles that were already in theaters on March 14, while films scheduled to be released after closing rooms are now also able.

During the cinema closure period, the CNC will, on request, exempt producers and distributors who opt for a DVD or TVOD release from the reimbursement of subsidies granted by the organization. The CNC took care to note that these measures “in no way call into question the chronology of the media” and are limited to the duration of cinema closings.

France closed its cinemas on March 14. The box office for the first three months of the year is down 36%, according to comScore. In 2019, the market was overall No. 5 internationally and is currently in 4th position.

On a new list published by the CNC Thursday evening, 31 titles were authorized to break the four-month window. They include Hirokazu Kore-Eda’s opener in Venice The truth, Warner Bros ’ Birds of prey and Richard Jewell, Paramount Sonic the hedgehog, Amblin / Universal’s 1917 and Uni’s Dolittle.

The CNC also announced measures to support the industry, including an emergency fund for writers who saw their work cut by more than 50% in the middle of a crisis. All companies facing difficulties within the industry will also be allowed access to up to 30% of their “support account” – an account held by the CNC which is derived from a percentage of ticket sales and used for future projects.


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