France should provide burial sites for Muslim victims of COVID-19


Rabat – The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) has asked the country’s authorities to make burial places available for Muslims who died from COVID-19 in France.

“The number of victims of the coronavirus pandemic continues to increase, leaving many families facing the pain of mourning and the fact that they cannot bury their dead according to their rites,” deplored CFCM in a press release. April 13. on its official website.

The CFCM, as the elected body, the highest public representative of Islam in France.

“Today we are facing a serious crisis which calls for urgent intervention by the public authorities,” added the CFCM.

The council also stressed its role in establishing communication between the mayor of each city and his Muslim community, whenever they report difficulties, in order to find a solution.

Without a proposed solution, CFCM president Mohamed Moussaoui said that Muslim families live in anxiety, worry, misunderstanding and regret.

In the press release titled “Let’s not add to the pain of families suffering from the inability to honor their deceased,” CFCM urged bereaved families who find it difficult to find burial grounds to contact the council immediately regional office of the CFCM via its platform on 01 45 23 81 39.

The council presented a request to French President Emmanuel Macron on March 23, asking the authorities to create burial places for members of Muslim communities in France. Representatives of other Muslim organizations in France unanimously supported the request, the source said.

The council is following the COVID-19 crisis closely, inviting its affiliated imams to implement preventive measures against the virus in French mosques.

In an “urgent message” on March 1, Moussaoui urged French mosque officials to take “simple but useful” measures, reports the French News Agency (AFP).

The Moroccan-born official recommended “to avoid shaking hands in favor of oral and distant greetings. He also suggested frequent hand washing as well as “removing multipurpose towels from ablution sites in mosques” and “replacing them with disposable towels”.

In a similar but successful initiative, the Moroccan consulate general in New York expressed solidarity with Moroccan expatriates living in the United States in the midst of the pandemic. The consulate announced in a April 6 statement that it will cover the funeral costs of low-income members of the Moroccan diaspora who have died from COVID-19.

The Moroccan consulate added that it will also cover the cost of the funeral for expatriates who do not have insurance in the United States.

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