France reports sharp decline in deaths at Covid-19 compared to the previous day


Red Cross volunteers cross the empty streets of Paris yesterday. (Photo AP)

PARIS: France reported a sharp drop in its coronavirus balance on Sunday, with 242 deaths in 24 hours, a drop of more than a third the day before.

The epidemic has claimed 22,856 lives in the country since early March, health officials said.

The number of deaths in hospitals – 152 – is the lowest daily toll in five weeks, they said, while 90 people died in nursing and care homes.

The number of victims of Covid-19 in intensive care also fell, but only slightly, to 4,682.

But officials said they were concerned about an increase in the number of critically ill patients with other conditions.

More than 7,553 people were in intensive care units in France on Sunday, 50% more than the country’s total capacity before the epidemic.

Overall, 28,217 people are being treated in hospital for the virus.

With the country’s health system still under strain, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will outline his strategy on Tuesday to end the blockage in Parliament.

The ministers identified 17 priorities for gradually removing the country from the eight weeks of detention in a “controlled and progressive” manner from May 11.

Schools are expected to reopen in some areas, businesses returning to work and public transport returning to a more normal schedule, a test system and support for the elderly being put in place.

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