France reports 1,438 deaths in 24 hours, a sharp increase due to unreported Easter deaths


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                Le nombre de personnes décédées d'une infection à coronavirus en France a bondi de 1438 ou 9,1% pour atteindre 17167, la plus forte augmentation sur une journée, un certain nombre de maisons de repos ayant signalé des péages cumulatifs après le week-end de Pâques de trois jours, a annoncé mercredi le ministère de la Santé.

Le nombre de personnes décédées dans les hôpitaux a augmenté de 514 ou 5% pour s'établir à 10 643, soit moins que les 541 signalés mardi, mais le nombre cumulé de décès dans les maisons de retraite a augmenté de 924 ou 17% pour atteindre 6 524, contre 221 mardi.

“This increase is not the 24-hour mortality rate, but is due to a catch-up in reporting after the three-day weekend,” said Department of Health director Jerome Salomon.

He said the COVID-19 pandemic is still very active and called on the French to strictly adhere to containment measures.

But he also reported that for the first time since the start of the epidemic, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 had decreased by 513 or 1.6% to 31,779, a sign that the rate of infection is slowing and that l childbirth works.

“This is the first fall. We have to welcome it, but we have to stay cautious and wait for developments in the next few days, “said Solomon.

The number of people in intensive care units (ICU) also declined for the seventh consecutive day, from 273 or 4.1% to 6,457, and is now well below the peak of 7,148 observed on April 8.

In Italy, the number of people in intensive care fell for the 12th consecutive day on Wednesday and is now at 3,079, nearly 1,000 below the peak of 4,068 observed in early April.

Another sign of a slower rate of infection, the number of coronavirus cases reported in France increased by 3,217, or 2.5%, for a total of 133,470. The number of confirmed cases increased by 2.5%, reaching 106,206 and the number of probable nursing cases

homes increased 2.2% to 27,264.




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