France, Italy to ease lockout protocol in early May, riders to train outdoors –



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    Deux des pays les plus durement touchés par la pandémie de coronavirus devraient commencer à assouplir le protocole de confinement dans les prochaines semaines.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte confirmed this weekend that a gradual relaxation of quarantine procedures would begin in the country on May 4, with sports activities allowed provided that distancing measures are followed.

In France, The team reports that ministerial sources have confirmed that professional runners will be free to train outdoors individually from May 11.

France and Italy are home to vast areas of professional pelotons, living in cycling hotspots such as Nice and Lombardy. The news of the loosening of lock restrictions will be a relief to runners who have been limited to training indoors since early March.

The relaxation of the restrictions in Italy will allow riders to train outside on condition that the distance measures are respected.

“From May 4, it will be possible to practice sports outside, in the parks, but respecting the distance of at least 2 meters,” said Comte. “Athletes in individual disciplines can also train in sports centers, but here too the essential rule of the safe distance applies …. If we don’t respect the distance, the infections will come back. If you love Italy, keep your distance. “

Italy was the first nation to experience the full ferocity of the pandemic, with a wave of infections in early March paving the way for a quarantine protocol and race cancellations, with Strade Bianche and Milano-Sanremo among the first top breeds to be closed due to health concerns. The staged reopening of Italy will see stores reopen on May 18, with entertainment and leisure stores such as bars, restaurants and hairdressers to follow in June. Schools will not reopen until September.

France has been strictly blocked since March 17. Earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron specified May 11 as the tentative date for easing the restrictions. Reports in The team suggest that initially only the pros would be able to train on the roads, with amateurs likely to be allowed outside in the following weeks. The official announcement is expected to be made Tuesday in an official government exit plan.



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