France calls for May Day in solidarity with Cuba


Paris, April 26 (Prensa Latina) The Cuba Si France association called on Sunday in Paris to make May 1, International Workers’ Day, a day of solidarity with Cuba and its people, who are resisting the hardening of the American blockade.

The association, founded in 1991 to support Cuba in its defense of the right to sovereignty, called its campaign “Lily of the Valley”, based on a tradition that makes this flower of the lily family, also known as lily of the valley, dominates the streets and markets in France on May 1. “Which country has for more than 50 years sent not troops but tens of thousands of doctors to the most distant and inhospitable places in the world to to cope with all kinds of health disasters? It’s Cuba! ‘The association said in the appeal, to which Prensa Latina had access.

Cuba If France recalled that Cuba had suffered for 60 years from the American blockade, which it described as genocide, because it prevented the country from developing and purchasing essential drugs to treat serious illnesses, including those which affect children.

In this sense, the association warned that Cuba is currently fighting a double problem, because, like the rest of the nations, the Caribbean island is fighting against the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus.

This is why we invite to celebrate a special May 1, marked by the support of a people who are an example of humanism and international solidarity, he noted.

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