France approves 1.7 GW of wind and solar projects


PARIS: The French Minister for Ecology has authorized nearly 300 wind and solar energy projects with a total installed capacity of around 1.7 gigawatts, saying that she has also approved several extensions of the project deadline due to the coronavirus epidemic.
“The health crisis we are going through must in no case make us give up ambitious objectives in terms of the development of renewable energies,” Elisabeth Borne said in a press release on Wednesday.

Borne said the progress of several renewable energy projects and the timing of tenders for renewable energy in France had been disrupted by the epidemic.

Borne said after a videoconference meeting with developers on Wednesday that steps have been taken to continue supporting the sector, including freezing electricity prices for small rooftop solar projects, which are expected to decrease April 1st.

Of the 300 projects approved, 35 are onshore wind projects with a total capacity of 750 megawatts, while the rest are solar. The ministry said the turbines and solar panels would generate about 2.6 terawatt hours of electricity per year.


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