Former Leeds United flop says he was “bullied by an adult”


Publication date: Wednesday April 8, 2020 11:49

Tomas Brolin accused Leeds United of “bullying adults” while at the club, when he said Howard Wilkinson “lied to him a lot.”

The striker shone by helping Sweden to third place at the 1994 World Cup in the United States and these performances convinced Leeds united to sign it a year later.

Brolin made 20 appearances for Leeds in the 1995/96 season in all competitions, but his performances were unconvincing as he only scored four goals.

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It was to be his first and last campaign for Leeds, as he was on loan to FC Zurich and Parma before Crystal Palace signed it off in 1997.

Speaking about his problems at Elland Road, Brolin said Aftonbladet (via Sports Witness): “If someone else had been treated like me, I don’t think they would have lived today. This is how bad it was. “

Commenting on his relationship with manager Wilkinson, Brolin added, “I don’t think you were in such a situation, but unfortunately he lied a lot before signing the deal, I didn’t know that. Then the situation became a little strange.

“It was bullying of adults in Leeds. I felt like I was coming to Antiquity when I came to England, how they viewed training, etc. Maybe I told the coach, and he didn’t like it … “

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