Former enemy Marcos Maidana shows trophy tooth he says stems from fight against Floyd Mayweather (PHOTO) – RT Sport News


    L'ancien détenteur du titre, Marcos Maidana, a brandi une dent montée en or qu'il aurait soi-disant frappée de la bouche de Floyd Mayweather lors d'un combat en 2014 au cours duquel il a été accusé d'avoir mordu les doigts du champion invaincu.

La chute de Maidana avec Mayweather en septembre 2014, lorsque l'Argentin a menacé de mettre fin à la longue série de victoires de l'Américain avant de perdre par décision unanime, a provoqué une controverse à la suite du fait que le champion a accusé le challenger de se mordre la main et a rejeté les murmures selon lesquels il avait perdu une dent le combat.

Now the colorful Maidana, who is planning to return to the ring after six years away, has posted a photo of the alleged tooth attached to a gold pendant, claiming that it dropped it from Mayweather’s mouth and intends to put it on a channel, as well as ask fans how much the souvenir is worth.

” I got it, “ Maidana revealed nearly 250,000 people on her Instagram, marking retiree Mayweather in her post. “How much will the mouse give me?” “

Maidana’s teenage son offered her three pesos (less than five cents) for the souvenir, perhaps indicating the questionable veracity of the curious memory.

Mayweather admitted that Maidana tested him when they met at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but disputed the story posed by his opponent. “No, he didn’t break my teeth,” he said to Fight Hype afterwards. ” Not at all. He’s a strong guy, he’s a good cutter, but no, as long as my teeth are missing, absolutely not. “

The teeth played a role in the fight, according to Mayweather. “He bit three fingers” said the man who collected $ 32 million and three welterweight titles with the win.

“A human bite is extremely hard. It was one of the worst bites you could get and it bit me in the eighth round. He did not cross the glove but he was holding me so tight, the middle finger was a little bit broken.

“When I removed the glove, my middle finger was bleeding a little. He kept trying to save time and take a break. That’s what he did when he bit me. He knew what he was doing.

“I take off my hat. I respect him for doing everything he had to do to survive, but I think it was born out of frustration. “

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Maidana was as close as anyone to spoil Mayweather’s 50-game perfect record when the couple originally fought in the same spot five months earlier, losing a majority decision in one of five defeats in an entertaining career of 40 fights including 31 knockouts.

He won about $ 3 million from his encounters with Mayweather, the second of which was his last fight before announcing his retirement in 2016, but he had to return to boxing this month against kickboxer Jorge Cali before the end of the fight. . of the global pandemic.


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