Forecast for Easter Sunday includes tornadoes and hail the size of tennis balls


The large storm system that caused severe weather in parts of Texas on Saturday will move east, marking the Easter holiday for many in the southeast.

Heavy long-track tornadoes are forecast for Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as strong winds and hailstones the size of tennis balls or larger.

“Widespread detrimental winds are also expected in most southern states,” said Haley Brink, CNN meteorologist. “Such strong winds have the potential to cause similar damage to certain tornadoes. “

“These storms are usually reported as severe thunderstorm warnings and not necessarily tornado warnings, so it is important to heed all warnings issued by National Meteorological Service offices,” she said. added.

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Flash floods are expected in some south-central states, including Tennessee, North Carolina and parts of northern Georgia and Alabama, where total precipitation could exceed 5 to 6 inches.

Most other areas will receive 2 to 4 inches.

A second wave of violent storms

Meteorologists warn that after a storm has passed, residents should not drop their guards.

“For Georgia, we expect two possible waves of activity: the first will take place on Sunday afternoon as a warm front moves across the region,” said Kyle Thiem, meteorologist at the office of the National Weather Service in Atlanta. “The second wave of storms is likely to happen overnight as the main system moves east. “

Serious threat for Monday

On Monday, the system will focus on the East Coast. There will always be a threat of tornadoes and hail, but damage from wind in a straight line will be the main danger.

To keep abreast of dangerous conditions, authorities advise residents to have several methods of receiving severe weather alerts, including weather radio and smartphone apps. For apps, make sure they’re not in “Do not disturb” or “Silent” mode.

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If a tornado hits the ground, sirens will likely sound. However, they are not meant to wake people up; they are intended to warn people outside that they should enter as quickly as possible.


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