Ford says to make PPE here all the time


With a global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors, nurses and support workers, countries around the world have imposed export controls, including Canada.

So while Canada has difficulty accessing key items from other countries, we are also part of the global problem.

Each country is struggling to get as many masks, gloves, visors and other equipment as possible.

Premier Doug Ford led an effort to get Ontario manufacturers to retool to make key equipment during the crisis. Ford said on Thursday that it was time for Ontario and Canada to be autonomous in providing this equipment.

“We are going to start making them. We will encourage hospitals to support these manufacturers. We can never, ever again be put in this position that we rely on countries around the world to support us with PPE, “said Ford.

The Prime Minister constantly praises the ingenuity of the people of Ontario – and the capacity of its employees and businesses – but in the face of this crisis, he said he learned that we cannot depend on others if it happens again.

“We can’t count on anyone to move forward, whether it’s the respirators or the N95s, the face mask, the gloves, the essentials we need to make them here in Canada.” And we are Canada’s manufacturing engine, “said Ford.

Since Ford appealed to companies to help them with essentials, there have been companies that have gone from distilling whiskey and gin to making hand sanitizer, companies making masks and gowns for medical purposes and who are trying to make ventilators in factories that normally make auto parts.


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