Florida state lineman Andrew Boselli recovers from coronavirus


Florida state offensive lineman Andrew Boselli said he recovered from the coronavirus on Friday.

In a first-person account on the Florida state football website, Boselli recounted how he originally dismissed any danger the coronavirus posed to him, a healthy 22-year-old athlete. He thought that only the elderly or those with underlying health conditions were at risk

That changed around St. Patrick’s Day when the coronavirus swept his family in Jacksonville, Florida. His father, former NFL offensive lineman Tony Boselli, tested positive first. Then Andrew, his mother and brother all understood it.

Andrew Boselli wrote that one day after getting tested for the virus on March 21, “I woke up feeling hit by a bus. “He had a fever that reached 103 degrees, shortness of breath, and at one point” he was stuck on the couch with no energy, no appetite, and nothing but over-the-counter fluids and medications to help me feel better. “

Although the doctors considered his case to be “light,” wrote Boselli, “my experience has been anything but light.”

The situation was much worse for his father, Tony, who had pneumonia and was admitted to intensive care. In an interview last week with the Florida Times-Union, Tony Boselli said, “The worst was my second day in intensive care while increasing my oxygen level. It was probably the lowest and scariest moment. I had no family around me. I don’t exactly remember what the doctor said, something about the machine that had to go to another level for more oxygen if it didn’t work.

Andrew Boselli also spoke of this fear.

“We couldn’t be with him, couldn’t see his face, and couldn’t hear his voice,” he wrote. “… Within a week, I went from not really taking this virus seriously to realize that I could lose my father. “

The Boselli family has since recovered and Tony has returned home. Andrew decided to share his story to highlight the seriousness with which people should take the threat of the virus.

“This trip was a wake-up call for me,” wrote Andrew Boselli. “We are all fighting a serious illness that doesn’t care who you are or where you come from, and that can cause major problems, no matter what your age. Yes, social distancing is difficult.

“And, for me, I know that I count the days before I can find my coaches and teammates, especially after the way they have supported me over the past few weeks. But the only way for this to happen is to listen to the experts and follow their advice. This is something that must be taken seriously. And if we all do our part, we can do it. “


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