Fletcher Cox’s passionate message to Darius Slay


The same weekend, they traveled to Mississippi, a young cornerback from Brunswick, Georgia, and a teenage defensive lineman from Yazoo City, Miss.

It was 12 years ago, now Darius Slay and Fletcher Cox are together again.

When the Eagles acquired Slay from the Lions last month, they reunited Slay and Cox, who were teammates from the State of Mississippi before they both became pro-defensive players in the NFL.

“Fletcher and I entered the state of Mississippi together, we both left high school together, but I had to take the college route and he went straight there, so we’ve known each other since high school Said Slay Wednesday. . “We were on the same visit. Dude, it’s good to be part of a team with a classmate and I’m looking forward to going out and sharing the field with him once again and competing with him. ”

Slay signed with the state of Mississippi at the same time as Cox – this is the release of the state of Mississippi announcing the signatures – but had to spend two years at Itawamba Community College in Fulton, Missouri, before arriving in Starkville.

Cox entered the NFL draft after his junior year, so Slay and Fox were only one year old, and unsurprisingly the Bulldogs had the No. 16 defense in the BCS that year.

The Eagles drafted Cox in the first round in 2012, and he made five Pro Bowls and was part of the very first pro team in 2018. The Lions drafted Slay in the second round a year later, and he is three times pro Bowler and all -pro in 2017.

Slay said he spoke to Cox the night before his expedition to the Eagles.

“He called me and he just said,” Man, I heard we’re trying to take you, “and he just started to explain to me what to expect when coming to Philly (des) fans and owners. He said the owners are simple and honest and (the players) treat each other like brothers, they go out and play ball for each other. And he said the fans are going to go crazy, he said they are going to let you know when you are playing well and let you know when you are playing bad and I said I look forward to that. I want to know when I’m playing bad myself. ”

In his seven years in Detroit, the Lions have never won a division title (they have not won a title since 1993), have never won a playoff game (they have not won since 1991 ) and reached the playoffs only twice.

He joins a team that has won more playoff games since 2017 than the Lions since 1953.

“Talking to Fletcher, man, that’s what really convinced me,” Yeah, that’s where I’m supposed to be, “said Slay. “He just told me all the positive things, going into the playoffs regularly, something I didn’t do and something I can’t wait to do, so I want to be part of something great. Fletcher really put it in my head: “This is where you should be, man, this is where it is in humans, we win, the fans will love you. “”

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