Flash Season 6 replaces another character with a mirror version


Warning: SPOILERS coming for The flash season 6, episode 16 “So Long and Goodnight. “

The flash Season 6, episode 16 reveals that another longtime member of the series was taken to the Mirrorverse as part of Eva McCulloch’s (Efrat Dor) plans. The second half of the season has slowly but steadily expanded the ambiguous field where Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) has been trapped since The flash mid-season 6 first next Crisis in endless lands. As The flash continues to expand the redesigned version of DC’s second Mirror Master, Team Flash has yet to find out what’s going on in particular with “Iris”. The second member to be duplicated as a double mirror was Kamilla Hwang (Victoria Park) when she discovered through her camera that something was wrong with Iris.

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Once she understands what “Iris” is doing, Kamilla is zapped by the Mirror pistol. After the events of “Death of the Speed ​​Force,” Kamilla’s mirror clone joins Iris’ clone as they serve Eva together outside the Mirrorverse. While the real Kamilla has not yet resurfaced, it is quite possible that it was sent to the Mirrorverse, the Mirror pistol having more capabilities than simply destroying any object. Given Eva’s continuous manipulation of Iris in Mirrorverse, it would make sense for Kamilla to be trapped elsewhere in the kingdom by Eva in order to make Iris believe they are on the same side. But another member of the cast seems to have been taken by Eva and forced to serve her.

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The flash Season 6’s “So Long and Goodnight” sees the return of CCPD chief of police David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) as he assists Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) when the captain becomes a target. Throughout the sixteenth episode, Singh advises Joe to withdraw from the case and put himself under witness protection while Joseph Carver (Eric Nenninger) tries to get him out. After almost dying at the hands of the Black Hole member through Rag Doll (Troy James), Joe accepts Singh’s offer and goes under witness protection. Although the captain is safe, it seems that is what Eva wanted. When Singh gets into his car, he starts talking to Eva through the driver’s rear view mirror, saying that “Joe West is out of the way, as requested. Success is assured. “


Not only does Eva like it, but it becomes clear that this is not the Singh that viewers have been watching for six years. Before this revelation, Singh’s behavior was suspicious in the previous episode “The Exorcism of Nash Wells”, where the former captain was not completely like him. Despite the fact that it has not been visually proven that Singh was taken to the Mirrorverse, his manners in the revelation correspond to the mirror clones of Iris and Kamilla. Even though Eva’s endgame is still primarily a mystery, it would be out of place for Singh, as a respected member of law enforcement, to align himself with someone trapping people in areas like the Mirrorverse.

It’s not clear when Eva trapped him and replaced him with a mirror look-alike. The most plausible scenario is that, like Kamilla, Singh was exposed to the Mirror pistol by “Iris” off screen, perhaps even in “The Exorcism of Nash Wells”, if not earlier. With The flash season 6 ending sooner than expected, due to the coronavirus pandemic, responses may not arrive until season 7. But with Singh’s insistence on Joe not to pursue Carver and Black Hole, the latest version of The flash explains his strange behavior and expands the Mirrorverse plot as Eva gains more control.

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