Five-year-old child among new UK victims



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Britain reported a record 708 daily deaths from COVID-19 on Saturday, including a five-year-old child reportedly the country’s youngest victim.

The Department of Health said 4,333 people who tested positive for the virus at the hospital died on Friday at 4:00 p.m. GMT while there were 41,903 confirmed cases at 8:00 p.m. GMT on Saturday, up from 3,735.

The toll has steadily increased by more than 500 deaths a day this week and the country is preparing for a peak expected next week at 10 days.

A total of 637 of the latest deaths have occurred in England, according to the National Health Service (NHS).

“The patients were between five and 104 years old. 40 of 637 patients (ages 48 to 93) had no known underlying medical condition, “the statement said.

The NHS said it would not provide more information about the five-year-old patient at the request of the family.

A 13-year-old boy from London, Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, died last week, a few days after being tested positive for COVID-19. His family said he had no underlying illnesses.

Prime Minister Michael Gove said in a daily briefing that the teenager’s mother and siblings are now showing symptoms.

The overall death toll now includes seven health professionals, he added.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is in isolation after developing mild symptoms of the disease, ordered a three-week foreclosure from the country on March 23 in an attempt to reduce infections.

But there is concern that warmer weather forecasts for this weekend will tempt people from their homes into green spaces and public parks.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock warned against loosening social distances, saying, “If we do, people will die.”

“Things will stabilize”

Imperial College London epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who advises the government, told BBC radio on Saturday that a peak was expected around Easter weekend.

“We still think things will stabilize, but we will be at fairly high levels of infection for weeks and weeks rather than seeing a fairly rapid decline like the type seen in China,” he said. .

But he said it depended on people staying at home. If that happened, it could lead to less stringent measures in place “at least at the end of May,” he added.

The announcement of a new record increase in deaths came after the death of 13 Glasgow nursing home residents in a week in a suspected coronavirus outbreak.

The Burlington Court Care Home stated that the deceased had underlying health conditions and that two staff members were being treated for COVID-19.

Tests for the coronavirus are currently being performed on the most serious cases that require hospital treatment, suggesting that the true extent of confirmed cases and deaths is an underestimate.

Meanwhile, the government has announced that nearly 4,000 low-risk prisoners near the end of their sentences may be released from prisons in England and Wales in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A total of 88 detainees and 15 prison staff tested positive for the virus, and it is feared that it will spread quickly due to cell sharing and overcrowding.

The Department of Justice has stated that the released persons will be tagged electronically and temporarily released under license in stages. High risk offenders will not be considered for early release.

NHS England National Medical Director Stephen Powis has condemned the vandals who attacked new masts of the 5G mobile phone network after discrediting their help in spreading the virus.

Powis called the theory “absolute trash and absolute” and said he was “absolutely outraged (and) disgusted” that vital infrastructure had been targeted during a national emergency.

“The reality is that cell phone networks are absolutely essential for all of us, especially in an age where we are asking people to stay home and not see their relatives and friends.

“But it is mainly the telephone networks that are used by our emergency services and our health workers,” he added.

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