Five-0 Redux: McGarrett Says Aloha After Solving The Last Case In The Hawaii Five-0 Series Final


Hawaiians know that saying “aloha” has many different meanings and intentions. Most understand that this is a standard greeting or greeting, but aloha also means “love, affection, compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, feeling, grace and charity.” This week, “Hawaii Five-0” is titled “Aloha,” which is one of the ways that Hawaiians say goodbye. It’s the perfect title for the final episode of the series, as it not only embodies the sense of aloha, but it’s also a sweet farewell from the popular and beloved series.

Directed by Duane Clark and based on a story by Peter M. Lenkov, with David Wolkove and Matt Wheeler’s tele-game, the episode returns at the end of the March 27 episode, “A ‘ohe ia e loa” a aku, he ulua kapapa no ka moana “(” He cannot be caught because he is an ulua fish from the deep ocean “). In truth, this week’s episode was originally the second hour of the series finale, but when the NCAA men’s basketball tournament was canceled, CBS chose to split the final by two hours. in two episodes to fill an empty airtime.


The episode dates back to the very first case that McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) investigated after receiving full immunity and the Governor of Hawaii’s resources to create the Five-0 task force with Det. Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan). When Danno is kidnapped in this week’s episode, McGarrett has no idea that the reason Danno was taken has something to do with this first case. It will also bring him back to his biggest enemy, Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos). Wo Fat’s wife Daiyu Mei (Eugenia Yuan), who is as vile as her long-deceased husband, continues his crusade against McGarrett.

McGarrett’s first case was the murder of his father, John McGarrett, played by William Sadler, who returns this week to play Papa McG in the last moments of his life. With Sadler, James Marsters returns to resume his role as Victor Hesse, who kidnapped elder McGarrett with the help of Wo Fat. Fans were delighted when they learned that Dacascos would return to the series finale to play Wo Fat.

In the flashback scenes, we see Victor, Wo Fat and Daiyu Mei planning the very first scene in the series – where McGarrett’s convoy, which escorts international arms dealer Anton Hesse to the United States, is ambushed . Victor reached out to Wo Fat to help him get his brother out of McGarrett, and Wo Fat told him that McGarrett would agree to trade his father for Anton because “blood is blood”.

We needed a reminder of what happened in the pilot episode, because it really helped explain why Daiyu resurfaced after 10 years. Perhaps her hatred for him comes from the fact that her husband was killed by McGarrett in the 100th episode “Ina paha” (“If maybe”). Her desire to get the figure from Doris McGarrett, which leads to the thousands of dollars Doris has hidden in her crypt – a legacy for her children – is based on both revenge and greed.

Daiyu thinks that her husband is the son of Doris McGarrett. Doris simulated her death and left John, Steve and MaryAnn in Hawaii and raised Wo Fat after she accidentally killed her mother. This is the story that drives Daiyu to want the legacy of Doris in honor of her long-dead husband. It’s also why she kidnaps and tries to kill the person McGarrett loves the most in the world – her partner, Danno.


As McGarrett and the team travel to save Danno’s life, the action and drama we know and love about “Hawaii Five-0” is definitely delivered. Danno knows that even if McGarrett gives Daiyu Mei the number, she will kill him. It’s a nice twist that Danno is working to save himself, instead of waiting to be saved by McGarrett. Danno kills most of his captors except the one who catches him and shoots him in the shoulder. Fortunately, McGarrett and the rest of the Five-0 team arrive in time to rush him to the hospital.

Really, McGarrett didn’t care to flip the figure, because he would have given everything to save his best friend. What made the scenes so emotional was the team’s reaction to the kidnapping and shooting of Danno. When they train Danno in surgery, they are all concerned about Danno’s survival and McGarrett’s well-being.

The scene has the kind of impact you want from a season finale, with the song Five for Fighting “All for One” playing plaintively in the background as McGarrett stands over Danno’s hospital bed . When Danno wakes up and sees McGarrett at his bedside, McGarrett is upset and he says to Danno, “She used you to attack me. She almost killed you. But Danno pushes him away and assures him that he’s okay, just like McGarrett admits it was like what he went through when he lost his father.


The episode ends on the beach in McGarrett’s backyard and Danno asks him if he is excited and ready to go. McGarrett assures him that this is not a goodbye forever. They kiss on the beach and say they love each other. It’s a sweet moment, but one that tells us that their friendship is far from over.

The tears don’t really start until McGarrett says goodbye to Eddie. As he kisses Eddie’s muzzle, he tells the dog that he loves him and that he will be missed, but to make sure he is looking for Danno. As he finishes petting his dog, the rest of the team arrive to say aloha. Lou (Chi McBride) is the first to cry as he tells McGarrett how “you saved my life when you met me” and Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) hugs him and thanks McGarrett for giving him a Second chance. After Tani (Meaghan Rath) hugs him, McGarrett tells her to be good, and she quickly says, “No.” Even when she is in tears, Tani is still a firecracker.

Noelani (Kimee Balmilero) hugs her in tears and thanks him for believing in her; and Quinn (Katrina Law) thanks him for giving him a family. But his farewell with Junior (Beulah Koale), because they share “ha”, or breath, is the most moving. Ha is what gives aloha its deeper meaning, and in this case, it is a sharing of friendship and brotherhood.

It wasn’t until McGarrett said, “A hui hou,” which means “until we meet again,” that his release was a little hopeful. Not that the show returns, but that these friendships that we have learned to love and adore, will continue and endure. We want McGarrett to find peace, and as he sits in the window seat of a departing airplane, his seat mate arrives, and we see that it is Catherine (Michelle Borth), who always seems happen when McGarrett needs a hand or some kind of emotional support.

McGarrett may be able to find peace somewhere in the world. And if nothing else, he always has someone on his back – either Catherine, Danno or the rest of the Five-0 team.

In any case, until they meet again, we are left with 10 years of incredible memories and endless aloha.

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