First call: video of Antonio Brown’s training with the Ravens players; Diontae Johnson discusses what Brown taught him


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For “First Call” Thursday, photos and videos of Antonio Brown’s training with his Baltimore Ravens buddies. Diontae Johnson also talks about her workouts with Brown. A veteran free agent quarterback arrives on the market. And a great joke of April Fools.

What the crow?

On Wednesday, you probably saw former Steeler Antonio Brown training with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Ravar Lamar Jackson and Antonio Marquise’s cousin “Hollywood” Brown.

Not very good social distancing there, boys. Nowhere near the kind of distance that Derrick Henry got against the Ravens’ defense anyway.

Oooooh. Burn!

Some training videos have also been released. Jackson retweeted one of them.

It looks like A.B. still has that toe drag in the end zone, right? I guess he didn’t freeze them after all in France.

Of course, this will fuel speculation that Brown will try to join Jackson and his cousin in Baltimore. He has not played in an NFL game since being eliminated by the New England Patriots after week 2 in 2019.

The former All-Pro is under investigation by the NFL as part of his personal conduct policy alleging that he sexually assaulted his former coach.

The Ravens could use an upgrade to Wideout. But they have nine draft picks if they don’t feel like taking a big chance on “Mr. Big breasts. “

Speaking of Antonio Brown’s training buddies

The Steelers’ current receiver Diontae Johnson also worked with Antonio Brown during this off-season.

Speaking to Allison Koehler of Steelers Wire, Johnson said it was Toledo’s former teammate Ola Adeniyi who made the presentation for Brown.

Brown was between signing with the Oakland Raiders and freezing feet when the Steelers drafted Johnson last year.

The news of these two couples encouraged – and alarmed – some Steelers fans. Brown’s workouts were legendary. But it was the same with his ego and his attitude.

Could Johnson absorb the good and ignore the bad?

“AB and I are very good friends,” Johnson told Koehler. “I train with him when I’m downstairs [in Florida]. We did balance exercises, basic tricks, lots of ball exercises. We make sure to stay in shape. I’m just trying to focus on the core because you need the core to play the receiver. We also did a lot of releases with databases. “

I love the training stuff. Worried about the “real good friend”.

Also in the interview, Johnson said that he and Ben Roethlisberger had been in contact during this off-season, but trying to meet under the restrictions of social distance was a unique challenge.

Additionally, he talks about the upcoming season, his draft day experience and his growing receiver idols.

Kessler Cup

If the Steelers are looking for a veteran backup quarterback option that may be cheaper than Jameis Winston and Cam Newton, one may have appeared.

It’s Cody Kessler.

Hey. I said cheaper. No more talented.

Kessler was released on Wednesday from the New England Patriots.

The Pats signed it in September. He was then released in October and signed again later that month.

Kessler finished 2019 as a quarterback at Foxborough behind starter Tom Brady and substitute Jarrett Stidham.

New England brought Brian Hoyer back to town for a fourth visit on March 22. He earned $ 381,176 last year. Kessler hasn’t thrown a pass in a match since he was in Jacksonville in October 2018 against the Houston Texans.

April Fool

Well done, Tupelo Daily Journal. Good game.

The Mississippi newspaper had free time during the quarantine. And you might want to check out the baseball transaction column during this downtime.

Some seem familiar?


Think… of the movies. “Bull Durham”? “Major League”? ” Natural “?

Ah! Now I have you.

I hear candlesticks making a nice gift.

More Ottawa News

Four other members of the Ottawa Senators organization who were part of their trip to California in March tested positive for covid-19.

Apparently, however, they have recovered.

Via the Ottawa Senators website, “Four other members of the Ottawa Senators organization who traveled to California before the NHL season break tested positive for covid-19.

The team and staff members isolated themselves on Friday March 13 and are all doing well. All test results have now been received and everyone who tests positive has recovered.

The Senators previously said that two of their players had tested positive.

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