Fines for coronavirus: Lancashire police impose most lockdown penalties


Blackpool during coronavirus lockout

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Lancashire police have issued the highest number of lockdown fines

More than 3,200 fines have been imposed for alleged breaches of the coronavirus lock-up by police in England.

The National Council of Chiefs of Police said that 100-year-olds were assessed penalties of £ 60 between March 27 and April 13.

Almost 40 fines mistakenly imposed on children were withdrawn.

Deputy Chief Sara Glen said the Lancashire police distributed the most with 380 because of “Blackpool barbecues, parties and beaches”, followed by Thames Valley with 219 and Surrey with 205.

Fines of £ 60 for breach of lockout are reduced to £ 30 if paid within two weeks.

“Very proportionate”

Glen – the head of the National Council of Chiefs of Police for Charges and Extrajudicial Determinations – said that visitors to Blackpool were perhaps the reason why the Lancashire count was so high.

“We absolutely see [high] temperatures and resorts are a challenge, “she said.

The penalties were “due in large part to barbecues, house parties … Blackpool, the beaches, there’s a lot going on there in terms of temperature, location, context.”

Lancashire deputy chief agent Terry Woods said the armed forces’ reaction to the new law was “very proportionate”.

“We are very organized and had access to tickets on our devices in less than an hour. “

Sussex chief police constable Giles York said his forces fined the sun seekers who had traveled over 100 miles to shore for one day.

Humberside police imposed the fewest fines – two penalties.

President of the Council of National Police Chiefs, Martin Hewitt, admitted that there had been “a very small number” of errors in the application of the new law, adding that the police “were trying to make them better in very, very difficult and unusual circumstances. “

The errors included:

  • Thirty-nine fines wrongly imposed on those under 18
  • UK transport police wrongly fine 41-year-old York woman £ 660
  • Metropolitan police admitted 21-year-old man was fined unjustifiably
  • Warwickshire police say five pending charges that have yet to be brought to court will be dropped
  • Greater Manchester police arrested a man depositing food for vulnerable family members, which police chief Ian Hopkins said was “very embarrassing”.
  • South Yorkshire police officer appeared to tell family that they were not allowed to play in their own garden

Mr. Hewitt said: “Of course there were mistakes and I think we were very quick to come forward when we made mistakes. “


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