Find Tesco, Iceland, Asda and Waitrose Home Delivery Niche with New Site


A new website has been launched that will tell you if a supermarket near you has grocery delivery times available.

The site searches for stores such as Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Iceland based on your zip code and will tell you when a slot is available.

This means that you can visit a site and search once, rather than having to go through all the sites looking for an available site.

Shopping Slot was founded by Jason Moore, 22, and will soon cover local businesses and supermarkets, reports The Echo.

Jason said, “” I spent hours online trying to reserve space, so I designed a website that automated the process.

“Initially it was for my family and friends, but I thought it would benefit the nationally for the elderly, vulnerable and isolated. “

If there is no location currently available, users have the option to upgrade to be emailed as soon as one becomes available.

Jason’s business partner, Sabrina Stocker, said, “My grandparents couldn’t leave the house and my family was isolated so we couldn’t deliver his food store this week.

“Thanks to Shopping Slot, I was able to book a next day delivery slot for him in Iceland and I am very grateful to him. I want Shopping Slot to become a national brand to help others in need. “

You can visit the website here.


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