Find out how the number of coronavirus deaths has increased in the United States


The United States crossed the threshold of 10,000 deaths from coronavirus on Monday. The first 5,000 deaths occurred in just over a month and in less than five days, the next 2,000 followed. This map shows how quickly the death toll has increased in metropolitan areas across the country.

Notes: Each triangle represents the number of deaths in a metropolitan or micropolitan area. These areas are designated as such by the US Census Bureau and are also called basic statistical areas, which are groups of socially and economically integrated counties. Data for Puerto Rico is displayed at the territorial level.

The densely populated New York metropolitan area has been the most affected so far, in terms of total counts. And the region accounts for more than 40% of all US deaths from the virus, which infected more than 365,000 US residents on Monday evening.

Share of deaths from coronaviruses in the United States

New York metropolitan area
(4786 deaths)

Rest of the country
(6,152 deaths)

But as high as the death toll is in New York and elsewhere, it is likely still an undercoverage of the true total, experts say, due to inconsistent protocols, limited resources, and a patchwork of decisions across the board. States and counties.

The virus has infected and killed people in almost every corner of the United States, sweeping away Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, a pancake lunch in Detroit, a meat packing plant in Greeley, Colorado, and a funeral in Albany, Georgia, just to name a few.

Two-thirds of the country’s metropolitan areas – where more than 85% of American residents live – have had at least one person who died of the coronavirus. And despite the large number of people dying in New York, the coronavirus kills residents of New Orleans and rural Albany, Georgia – places with a smaller population – at a higher rate per capita.

Coronavirus deaths per 100,000 people

In metropolitan areas with at least 10 deaths in total.

Note: only metropolitan areas with at least 100,000 inhabitants are included.

So far, the death rate in the United States remains lower than that in a number of countries due to the country’s large population, but the number of deaths from the virus is the third highest in the world.

The number of deaths announced every day has increased since February 29, when the first person in the United States died of the virus. Since mid-March, the total has doubled or more than doubled every three to four days.

The rate at which the number of deaths from coronavirus has increased in the United States

Approximate number of days required for the number of deaths to double or exceed double.

This growth should continue. Government scientists have estimated that in the best case scenario, the coronavirus could kill 100,000 to 240,000 American residents, even with strict control measures.

Coronavirus deaths by metropolitan area

Ordered by areas with the highest number of deaths.


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