Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guides and Walkthroughs


Final Fantasy 7 Remake brings a new version of an older game to PlayStation 4, and Polygon guides will help you improve faster.

You can start with guides to help you understand the concepts of the game, such as the differences between classic and normal modes, as well as the interrelated concepts of AP, SP, weapon upgrade, and upgrade. Don’t go too far without reading our quick guide to combat, with five simple tips to make fighting faster and more efficient.

We have devoted an entire section to Final Fantasy 7 RemakeIt’s Materia too. In these guides we will explain what Materia is, direct you to the locations of the Hidden Materia throughout the game and discover some special examples, like the rare but powerful Summon Materia.

Finally, we have a bunch of walkthroughs for the sections of the game that we found most confusing. The most of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is, frankly, simple enough to make the detailed procedures unnecessary. But there are confusing parts, and we’ve got you covered so you can play with less confusion than we do.


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