Ferne McCann riddled with anxiety as she travels to New York to meet a new man surrounded by coronavirus


First Time Mum viewers found themselves watching the ITVbe reality show behind their hands tonight as Ferne McCann flew to New York amidst the coronavirus.

The 29-year-old reality TV siren fell on the heels of Ailbe Gibbs, who recently raised his arms in the United States.

Groaning that she never sees 25, Ferne’s mission is to fly around the world to spend a few days with her new flame.

And with the installment of First Time Mum tonight, the proud mother of a child was visibly anxious as she prepared for her trip.

Ferne McCann flew to New York amidst coronavirus

The dizzying wanted her to be the best for Ailbe, so she decided to have a glamorous team the day before her flight so that she could show her love the best side of herself.

But as she prepared and prepared, the former TOWIE star insisted that she was riddled with fears of catching the coronavirus while embarking on the journey.

And Ferne’s anxiety was aggravated ten times by the fact that his nervous mother insisted that the star wear protective gear during the flight.

The former TOWIE star insisted that she was riddled with worries

“I’m terrified, you know. This coronavirus is everywhere and I really don’t want to catch it, “she said.

Before continuing: “I am so anxious. It’s incredible! “

Tonight’s episode also saw the first public appearance of Ferne’s boyfriend after he told his new girlfriend that he wanted to stay out of the spotlight.

While Ferne was thrilled to be walking the streets of NYC while shaking hands with Ailbe, it all went horribly wrong when they had a huge fight in front of the camera.

Albie is then seen storming away from Ferne

Everything got a little too much for her

She used her Instagram stories on Wednesday to share a clip of the episode that caused a huge drama for the new couple.

But the drama begins soon, with Ferne saying, “Albie doesn’t like taking pictures. This provoked our first servant. “

Albie is then seen storming away from Ferne.

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She shared the video on Instagram, writing, “A little taste this evening. Tune in to the penultimate episode of #firsttimemum 9pm @itvbe. “

Ferne met Albie while on vacation in Dubai in 2018.

25 years old, he works as a city merchant and is not interested in the world of celebrities in which Ferne is immersed.


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