“Fear The Walking Dead” season 6 trailer looks good, but I won’t be fooled anymore


There is a new trailer for Fear the undead. It has a sixth season that looks a lot darker and more zombie-filled than season 5. I mean, if I’m being completely honest, the trailer is surprisingly good.

But as George W. Bush said:

He stole this line from The Who, right?

The thing is, I no longer have any faith in myself. No confidence in Scott Gimple. No confidence in the awkward showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. No confidence in Morgan who, come on, he’s not dead. We all wish he was dead (or, better yet, that he never joined this show to begin with).

This new trailer attempts to deceive the public into believing that they have become a zombie with this red eye. But I don’t think so. It is possible that he is infected in the same way that Gabriel was infected. It could also be blood. Anyway, my money is on surviving Morgan so he can completely ruin everything good and true again Fear the living dead (with Chambliss, Goldberg and Gimple, of course).

In any case, let’s watch the trailer before continuing.

“There will be a lot more attention in the stories, a little less thumbnail to tell 16 short films,” said Gimple. EW, describing the different approach to season 6. “The guys are great with the first two episodes, and that’s something differentiating. It’s something that separates this show from the other two shows, telling those 16 little movies, being a little bit more anthological. It’s still a serialized story, but it is told through these very focused perspectives. ”

Hey why not? Why not just keep changing this show every year? I mean, it’s already unrecognizable from where it started. In season 5, they killed everything that was interesting to Alicia and Daniel just as surely as they killed Nick and Madison in season 4. It’s not even the same series anymore, so why not do it “16 short films? “

Admittedly, the trailer is pretty good, apart from Morgan’s irritating voice on the whole. To think about it, I considered Morgan to be one of my favorite characters. They ruined it as surely as they ruined it Fears original molding, however The walking dead had already started this process by absolutely massacring his madness.

You know what it is.

In fact, for a short time Fears the fourth season, things were going pretty well. Morgan was immediately more palatable. I remember enjoying the character of John Dorie very much (a character who was then wasted in the most horrible way, like this absolutely ridiculous marriage last season and the characters’ subsequent submission to the cowboys. I shiver when I think about it all).

So I worked a little bit here. I want to like this trailer and be excited about it, but honestly, I feel bad for everyone in this series and I hope things get better for them. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Garrett Dillahunt, Colman Domingo, Ruben Blades – these are all top performers who deserve a better show, or at least deserve better writing and direction on it.

I cross my fingers, I knock on wood, I do a rain dance and all that jazz. But I don’t hold my breath.

Fear the living dead is expected to return this summer. With the world in dire straits, I won’t count on anything.


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