FCC vote on 6 GHz WiFi will be on April 23


While these industries have warned the FCC that access to 6 Hz WiFi devices may affect its current use, tech giants like Apple, Intel, Alphabet and Facebook have put their weight behind the proposed changes. According to Wall Street newspaper, they previously told the FCC in a letter that access to the band is necessary to “keep pace with demand and deliver today’s significant new wireless capabilities to consumers.”

Intel TEU for the Client Computing Group said in a new statement:

“Intel congratulates the FCC for opening the 6 GHz frequency band for unlicensed operation, which will significantly improve Wi-Fi for all Americans. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the FCC staff who have worked tirelessly to assess the complexities associated with the 6 GHz band, and look forward to the FCC addressing this important topic at their meeting on April 23. Our country’s dependence on digital connectivity has become more apparent than ever, and this report and order will enable significant new capacity, ensuring a solid future growth path for the Wi-Fi ecosystem of millions of homes and businesses. are counting on them. Intel looks forward to continuing to work with partners to develop innovative use cases. ”

Returning to CES this year, the WiFi Alliance has announced that devices that can use the band will carry the Wi-Fi 6E mark. WSJ says that if the new rules are approved, these devices, such as faster WiFi routers, will be available by Christmas 2020.


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