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The sun has gone down Hawaii Five-0. After 10 years, the reboot of CBS aired its last episode on April 3. The sudden cancellation of the show – which wasn’t announced until the end of February – was a shock to fans, many of whom weren’t ready to say goodbye to Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), Danny ” Danno ”Williams (Scott Caan), and other characters they had come to love. And after watching the final episode of the show on the island, they took advantage of social media to share their reactions on how the writers ended the series.

Goodbye to McDanno

McGarrett and Danno on the beach
Scott Caan as Danny ‘Danno’ Williams and Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett | Karen Neal / CBS via Getty Images

in the Hawaii Five-0 finale of the series, entitled “Aloha”, McGarrett faces Daiyu Mei (Eugenia Yuan). She wants revenge for the death of her husband Wo Fat, whom McGarrett killed in season 5, as well as getting hold of a figure that McGarrett’s mother left her that will lead to a fortune hidden in a crypt. She kidnaps Danno and uses it as a bargain for McGarrett to give her what she wants. Danno manages to escape (just as McGarrett arrives to save his friend), but not before he is seriously injured. Fortunately, he survives. Meanwhile, Team Five-0 finds Daiyu Mei and McGarrett stops him.

With Daiyu Mei locked up, it’s time for McGarrett to say emotional farewells to friends and colleagues, including Danno, ending the partnership fans have dubbed “McDanno.” “I feel like my main guy is leaving me,” said Danny. At the end of the episode, McGarrett boards a plane to an unknown destination. But before the departure of the flight, her old flame Catherine Rollins (Michelle Borth) shows up and takes a seat next to him. They hold hands while the plane is about to take off.

An emotional reaction to the finale of the Hawaii Five-0 series

For many fans, the finale Five-0 episode was an appropriate shipment for McGarrett and the rest of the characters. On Twitter, they greeted the emotional farewells and thanked the show’s creators for 10 years of episodes.

“Thank you for providing sun and surf for us during our long winters in Buffalo – a true mind saver, really – and for creating such warm characters and great stories,” tweeted a fan. ” You will miss us! “

Others said the final left them in tears. “The farewells were so incredible, I cried. McDanno’s scenes were perfect. I even liked Catherine ” tweeted a.

But not everyone was happy

While there have been many positive comments about the finale, some fans have been critical. A number believed that the last episode was a betrayal of the bromance of McGarrett and Danny. They were not happy to see Steve leave his boyfriend behind and leave with Catherine.

“I mean Steve has left the person he cares about most in pursuit of a chick he hasn’t seen in years but whatever,” said one annoyed spectator. commented.

“They always talked about going together on the show and how to sit down to enjoy life. Then they separated them after 10 years? ” another wrote.

Other viewers were bowled over by a particular farewell. They were crushed when McGarrett said goodbye to his faithful dog.

“I can’t believe Steve didn’t take Eddie with him,” reads one. comment.

Some others hoped that the door had been left open for a possible meeting of McDanno, perhaps on a spin-off or on a show which takes place in the same universe, as Magnum P.I.

“It looked like it ended with an option to come back at some point?” Or spin off? Maybe after a break, they will bring it back, ” wrote a hopeful spectator.


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