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The most important issue facing all of us right now is the Covid-19 pandemic and the Board of Rangers sincerely hope that all of our fans and their families remain safe and healthy. I hope we will all be back to support our team as soon as possible.

However, given the events of the past week, we think we should comment on the vote on the SPFL resolution. No honest person can take the result of this vote seriously. The FBCL conducted a process that was misleading and deeply flawed.

In particular, the publication of the results before all clubs voted has undermined the democratic process and demonstrated unacceptable standards of corporate governance by the FBCL executive.

We are extremely concerned that the member clubs have not been given enough information or time to allow them to make informed decisions.

In addition, we know that several club directors have said they were being bullied at a time when Scottish football should have acted as a unit to alleviate the financial hardship of many of our clubs. Tackling it was one of our main goals and the resolution we presented could and should have been implemented.

The FBCL chose to obstruct our resolution which would have given the clubs the necessary financial support, without the precondition at the end of the season. The fact that this solution has not been sufficiently taken into account defies all belief and also underlines the opinion of many clubs that the processes and behaviors of certain people should now be subject to forensic examination. .

Douglas Park has already called for an independent investigation into the conduct of the executive. The SPFL appears to have recognized the need for an internal investigation – but only an independent investigation will provide credible and satisfactory responses. We reiterate our call for the immediate suspension of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie pending the outcome of the independent investigation.

It is imperative that a constructive engagement begins immediately with members to assess all options for ending the 2019/20 Premiership season, including on the playing field. The FBCL must allow every opportunity to do so. There is a precedent in Scottish football that a league should not be compromised by changing the rules during the competition.

The anger of our fans is understood and shared by our board of directors, which continues to explore all available legal options.


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