Fan Fiction: Young And The Restless ’Adam Comforts Sharon


The ex-lovers lean on each other when Adam finally discovers the truth.

Self-isolation means that we are trying to get our hands on new stories to read. For those who are pure and hard Young and restless Fans of Sharon and Adam, or fans of Shadam, and who said that it was strange that Adam did not yet know Sharon’s cancer, thought that we would write a little fan fiction scene to remedy it.

At home, Sharon looks out of the kitchen window without thinking. She is surprised by an urgent knock on the door. Thinking that Nikki came to harass her to get her out, Sharon heads for the door, ready to tell her to back away. But when she opens the door, she is shocked to see Adam Newman. For a moment, they get up, looking at each other. Then, without a word, they hugged in a long hug. Finally, Adam asks imploring, “Why didn’t you tell me? I should have known that as soon as you found out. I would have been there for you, Sharon, even from a distance. You always saved me – why didn’t you let me do the same for you? “

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Sharon sighs and walks inside with the next Adam. “Adam, you know Nick and Rey would never support you. I can’t beat all three of you – I have to minimize stress, not invite it. Adam puts his hands in hers, staring intently at his tear streaked face. “Sharon, I would never put anything in danger for you. Hell, I would have just stood in front of your window if that was the only option you could give me! Sharon laughed through her tears. “Sharon,” implores Adam, “let me be there for you.” The idea of ​​not being there to support you through this … it’s not good. I’ll do whatever you want – check in only on a certain day, at a certain time, I don’t care! As long as you leave me here. Sharon looked at her serious face for a moment, then suddenly shouted, “I’m trying to be so brave, trying not to let them see. But I’m so scared, I’m terrified! “I know,” Adam whispers, taking her in his arms. “You can be safe with me, Sharon, vulnerable. And – you don’t have to be brave. You are brave and strong, even when you don’t feel it. It’s who you are. Adam gently draws her to the couch where they stand in loving silence. She lets herself be immersed in Adam, the man she had grown up on and still relied on – even when she shouldn’t.

What do you think will happen now that Adam is involved in Sharon’s care?


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