Family of deceased nurses go after government for lack of coronavirus testing and protective equipment


The family of a British nurse who died after catching a suspected coronavirus criticized the government for the lack of tests and personal protective equipment (PPE) provided to NHS staff.

Father of seven, Thomas Harvey, 57, collapsed at his family home in east London on Sunday after complaining of weakness, pain and breathing problems for almost three weeks.

He had been a nurse at Goodmayes Hospital in Ilford for 20 years and was isolated on March 11 after the onset of symptoms.

Her son, also called Thomas, said efforts to test staff were far too slow and there was not enough PPE.

Thomas Harvey (second from right) with his family

Mr. Harvey, 24, said, “Why did it take so long? Why did we have to lose my father and similar situations for you [the Government] to take action?

“It is frustrating to think that such a situation could have been avoided with the proper care of the government.

Harvey said his father’s condition worsened a week before his death. The paramedics came to the family home but decided he was not sick enough to go to the hospital.

Mr. Harvey added, “At that time, he was not eating for eight days, he was not breathing properly, which you could hear.

“He was very weak and complained of pain, but they told us that his case was mild, so he would not be hospitalized for treatment.

“We were like” If this is a mild case, then what is the worst case? “

Harvey said coronavirus testing for NHS staff should have increased rapidly when it became clear that the epidemic was serious.

He added, “If you are supposed to help other people, you should know that you are also good enough to do it and that you will not pass things on to other people, because it works both ways.

“It is sad that he had to understand but also his role, and what he liked to do, was to ensure the protection and security of others and he did not have the opportunity to do so because he has not been tested.

Harvey said he was dissatisfied with the protective gear his father received at work, describing him as “gloves and a fragile apron.”

But he said the family has not blamed the NHS for the death of his father and is still awaiting confirmation that he has Covid-19.

Goodmayes Hospital said: “By the time Thomas left sick and isolated, there were no symptomatic patients on the ward.

“We follow the national PPE guidelines. “

Boris Johnson takes stock of self-isolation testing

Four NHS doctors died of the coronavirus, and many other positive tests for the virus.

Seventy-three workers at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London tested positive, with a total of 318 self-isolates with symptoms.

Listen to the Leader: Coronavirus Daily podcast:

The government is under increasing pressure to increase test rates, both for NHS staff and for the general population.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the tests “would unlock the coronavirus puzzle” in an isolation video message Thursday.


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