Fabien Lovett’s father explains why his son entered the transfer portal after Mike Leach’s offensive tweet


Adam Spencer | 4 hours ago

New Mississippi State coach Mike Leach’s Twitter activity has caused him trouble recently as he tweeted an image containing a noose. Leach has since apologized and deleted the offensive tweet.

Still, it was too little, too late for Mississippi DL Fabien Lovett, who entered the transfer portal shortly after the tweet was sent.

Fabien’s father Abdual Lovett explained to the Clarion Ledger this weekend why the tweet triggered the transfer of his son:

“I didn’t feel comfortable that my son was there with a guy like that from a leadership standpoint – that you can just throw anything away,” Abdual told Clarion Ledger on Saturday . “I feel that if he can do it, the kids will feel like they can do it.”

He added that Leach’s lack of direct communication also contributed to the decision:

“If he was sincere about it, he should at least call me instead of the other way around,” he said of Leach. “Send at least my number if you can’t call me. He did not call, unlike these other coaches who are trying to recruit [Fabien]. ”

Where will Lovett end up? His stay in Starkville seems to be over.


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