FA President Greg Clarke: English football could ‘lose clubs and leagues’


FA says it faces losses of up to £ 150 million

English football faces “the danger of losing clubs and leagues” amid economic challenges “beyond the wildest imagination,” said Football Association president Greg Clarke.

The season was interrupted indefinitely amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Some clubs have put non-player staff on temporary leave, while discussions continue on player salaries.

“Many communities could lose clubs in their hearts with little chance of resurrection,” said Clarke.

Speaking at an FA board meeting, he said, “Faced with this unprecedented adversity, all stakeholders in the game, players, fans, clubs, owners and administrators must step up and share the pain to keep the game alive.

“It is time for stakeholders to agree on a common cause to save our game. Contribute. Football is a team game and now is the time to work as a team. “

The Premier League has proposed a 30% pay cut for players, but the Professional Football Association said it would hurt the NHS.

High-level players are expected to enter into club-by-club negotiations on the proposed pay cuts after negotiations without resolution broke down this weekend.

In the absence of matches, Football League clubs face cash flow problems without ticket sales, as well as match and merchandise revenue.

On Monday, England’s male manager Gareth Southgate and female boss Phil Neville announced a 30% pay cut.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham said the financial impact of the postponements, including games in England, FA Cup matches and Wembley events, could reach £ 150 million.

Clarke said: “We are determined to finish the professional football season because it solves the problems of promotion and relegation with the merit title winners.

“However, we may not be able to finish the season because football is not our priority – human life is – and we will do what the government orders as the pandemic unfolds.

“Lower in the football pyramid, our leagues have asked that the season be shortened and that the decision be returned to the FA board.

“The pandemic will be followed by its economic consequences and all sectors of activity will suffer.

“We risk losing clubs and leagues because of the financial collapse. “


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