F.T.C. Warns 10 companies of health and virus claims


The Federal Trade Commission has warned 10 companies to stop making health claims about the treatment and prevention of coronavirus or to launch business opportunities amid the pandemic, the agency said on Friday.

There are currently no scientifically proven products to treat or prevent the virus, according to the F.D.A.

“MLMs and other companies that distribute their products through distributor networks are responsible for product and revenue claims from these distributors,” said Andrew Smith, director of the commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, in a statement announcing the warning letters.

“During this health and economic crisis, we are looking for false tax returns for homework opportunities, in addition to false health claims that the products can treat or prevent Covid-19,” he said. declared.

The letters note videos and publications on the social networks of companies or their distributors in which the F.T.C. reported making claims not based on health benefits and potential income.

Kevin Wilson, spokesperson for doTERRA International, said in an email on Saturday that the company had received the letter and “was working to address the concerns.” He added that the company, which sells essential oils and is based in Utah, “has been steadfast in its efforts to comply with relevant laws and regulations. “

In a statement released on Saturday, Lauren Hartung, spokesperson for Rodan & Fields, said the company “does not tolerate claims of non-compliant or misleading income, and we regularly take enforcement action against these claims.”

Arbonne said it “upholds the highest standards of integrity and that we do not tolerate deceptive, unethical or illegal messages, allegations or practices – especially given the seriousness of the Covid-19 emergency ”.

The other companies did not immediately respond to comment on Saturday.

The letters indicated that the companies had 48 hours to respond, explaining what they were doing to correct the violations. The consequences for businesses of non-compliance were not immediately clear.


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