Extension of California Coronavirus Home Support Orders


Coronavirus deaths in California approached 600 people this week, as authorities extended home orders in May and residents entered Easter weekend with unprecedented movement restrictions.

California had 598 deaths and 21,448 confirmed cases as of Saturday morning. It’s much less than other hot spots like New York, but local officials have said more social distancing would be needed to keep the numbers going.

Los Angeles County health officials warned Friday that the area must increase considerably social distancing measures to slow spread of the new coronavirus and that the restrictions on staying at home may remain during the summer.

Even with the dramatic social distancing that the county is currently seeing, officials predict that up to 30% of residents could become infected in mid-summer without further behavioral changes, like reducing purchases.

As a result, Los Angeles County expands home stay order until May 15 at least.

To prevent crowds from gathering for Easter celebrations, all botanical gardens, lakes and parks in L.A. County will be closed on Sunday, the county’s parks and recreation department said in a statement.

“It was a difficult decision because we know that Easter is [a] a day of celebration for many park customers, ”said the press release. “However, the expected high volume of visitors would make it impossible for the public to implement safe physical distance practices or prevent the group meeting.”

Although strict physical distance measures in LA County, which have been in effect for three weeks, have clearly saved many lives, officials said, the models presented by the county on Friday show dire scenarios if the order of staying at home had to be lifted now. .

There are still too many people infected with coronavirus in the county, officials said. And there is a more than 50% chance that the current bed capacity of intensive care units in L.A. County, about 750 now, can be filled by the end of April.

Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area have already extended their home stay orders.

In Riverside County, authorities have reminded families not to travel during the Easter holidays, especially in relatively remote resort areas like Idyllwild.

County supervisor Chuck Washington said his office had received multiple inquiries from affected residents of the city of 2,500 residents, who he said did not have enough medical resources or services for residents and travelers.

“I understand that families who have been isolated for weeks want to entertain their children, but we are in the middle of a public health crisis,” Washington said in a statement. “We cannot risk families and Idyllwild residents exposing themselves to COVID-19 just for a snow trip. “

Last week, the Riverside County public health official prohibited all public and private gatherings of any size and ordered residents to wear a face covering when they leave their homes. Offenders could be fined $ 1,000.

Meanwhile, Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget advisers told California lawmakers on Friday that the price to pay for the state’s first efforts to fight the coronavirus would total at least $ 7 billion, with additional costs expected before the end of the year.

The estimate, contained in a letter to the Joint Budget Committee of the Legislative Assembly, is the first comprehensive review of the tax impact of the state’s response to the pandemic. It does not include the substantial costs already borne by city and state governments.

“This impact should be immediate, affecting the 2019-2020 fiscal year, and will continue during the 2020-2021 fiscal year and for additional years depending on the pace of recovery of local, state and national economies,” wrote Keely Bosler , the governor of finance. director, in the letter to legislators.


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