Exclusive: an autopsy report on the first known death of coronavirus in the United States indicates that the disease caused the rupture of the heart of a woman from Santa Clara


Santa Clara woman whose death from COVID-19 is the first known to date in the United States suffered a massive heart attack caused by coronavirus infection, signs of which were found all over her body, reports say autopsy obtained exclusively by The Chronicle.

Patricia Dowd, 57, died on February 6 and had reported flu-like symptoms in the days before her death, the report said. The autopsy, conducted by forensic scientist Susan Parson, revealed a viral COVID-19 infection in her heart, trachea, lungs and intestines.

“There is something abnormal in the fact that a perfectly normal heart has opened,” said Judy Melinek, Bay Area medical examiner, who did not participate in the autopsy but read the report. at the request of The Chronicle. “The heart broke. Normal hearts don’t break. “

“This heart broke or tore due to a heart muscle infection caused by the coronavirus,” said Melinek.


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